Bathing the baby can not only ensure the cleanliness of the baby, but also an interesting activity between parents and children. However, Baoma should pay attention to that bathing the baby is also risky, and pay attention to the safety of the baby at all times. Therefore, what Xiaobian wants to say is to be safe. Please don’t bathe your baby like this.

1. Use electric heater or bath master when bathing

It’s cold. Many families use electric heaters when their baby takes a bath. Please keep the electric appliance in the bathroom and the plug and socket in a dry place, because the electric appliance will be in danger of electric shock when touching the water. A mother always likes to bathe her baby with the bath bully on. When taking a bath, the baby likes to watch the bath bully. Two months later, the child’s eyes were blind. The doctor diagnosed that the main culprit was the blue light in Yuba. Experts said that Yuba’s light energy converges at a point for a long time, and the baby will stare at it for a long time, causing macular burns.

2. Shower the baby directly with a showerhead

Compared with a bath, it is difficult to control the water temperature by directly bathing the baby with a showerhead. When the water temperature of the shower head is just turned on, it will be hot and cold. Especially for the water heater with a long use time, the temperature is difficult to control. The baby may catch cold or burn. On the other hand, the parents must hold the shower head with one hand and help the baby wash it with one hand, which is very difficult and dangerous.

3. Warm water for baby during bath

When a mother bathes her 1-year-old baby, the water is a little cold when she washes. She is afraid that the baby will catch cold, so she directly heats the water in the bathtub. Although the mother purposely blocks the baby with her hand, the baby feels funny when she sees the water smoking and grabs it with her hand. The mother is in a panic for a while, which causes the baby to fall down in the bathtub, and the hot water directly falls on the baby, causing a third degree burn.

4. Set baby swimming neck ring to bathe baby

A 6-month-old baby was put into the bathtub for bathing by her mother with a baby swimming collar. In order to get a bath towel in the room, she left her baby in the bathtub alone, although only a minute to and from the bathtub. After returning to the bathroom, she saw her baby lying on his back and floating on the bathtub, paralyzed and with black lips. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and saved a small life one week later.

5. Put the tub directly under the tap to bathe the baby

The bathtub is under the faucet, and the baby may bump into his head when taking a bath. Another danger is that if the parents accidentally touch the hot water switch to turn on the faucet when taking a bath for the baby (especially now many faucets are designed to turn on easily), the baby may be scalded if the hot water flows out.

6. Bathe the baby without measuring the water temperature

Many parents, especially the elderly at home, are not used to measuring the water temperature with a temperature test card, but just feel the temperature with their hands. However, mothers have noticed that the water temperature close to the water surface is different from the temperature at the bottom. If they put the baby in, it is easy to cause burns.

Baby safety is no small matter, master the above baby bathing safety instructions, bathing will become more fun for you and your baby. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!