Nowadays, many children sit in front of the TV, and they are so restless. Why do children indulge in watching TV? In fact, a large part of the reason is that the parents are busy with their work and have no time to look after their children, so they coax them with TV; or the parents love watching TV, and the children watch it, and then they are attracted by various cartoons and become “TV fans”. So what? Let’s talk about four magic weapons to save the TV baby!

Don’t let children be TV babies

Two year old Tong Bao is infatuated with TV. When he is eating, before he goes to bed From time to time, she would ask for a look. Tong Ma was very upset about it. One day at breakfast, Tongbao asked to watch TV again. Tongbao refused without hesitation. Tongbao began to cry and shout. Tongma was angry and decided to use the “trump card” – to call tongpa to “repair” him. “Come on, honey! If you don’t listen to Tongbao, you have to watch TV!” tongpa heard the news and rushed to Tongbao. As soon as Tongbao saw his father, he immediately accepted the sad voice A serious face: “you want to watch TV! I’m here Let me… Turn on the TV! “

TV baby rescue plan

Since the TV came into the babies’ life, it seems that “watch, or not watch?” has become an eternal topic. The voice of approval said that TV, which can broaden the baby’s vision and enrich the baby’s knowledge, is a dedicated “electronic nanny”; the voice of opposition said that TV, which can harm the baby’s vision and hinder the baby’s language development, is a “attention killer” of the flood. At the same time that mothers argue endlessly, the babies have been captured by this “magic square box”. According to statistics, at present, the average time of watching TV for 4-12-year-old children in China is as long as 137 minutes every day. How can we make our baby watch TV in an advantageous way? Here, Tongma will provide several private tricks to teach you how to save the “TV baby”——

Coup 1: date with animated character paper

Tongbao was one and a half years old. He saw the antenna baby VCD for the first time. Since then, he has become a big fan of the four little people. From only watching 15 minutes a day to watching two or three hours a day, if he doesn’t meet his requirements, he will threaten to “fast”, which makes Tongma very headache. Later, after a lot of thinking, Tongma finally came up with a good way to let Tongbao and “Teletubbies” on paper “date”. Tong Ma first went to the bookstore to buy back many “Teletubbies” magazines for Tong Bao, and told him: “Teletubbies, like you, go home every day, and magazines are their home. Because of the bad weather, the Teletubbies can only play outside (on TV) for a short time every day. If you want to see them, you can come to their home (on the books). ” This is an effective way. Instead of arguing about watching TV all day long, Tongbao has turned to find someone to read to all over the world.

Coup 2: TV is also “feverish”

“After a long time of TV broadcasting, the machine will get hot.” Tongma used this “common sense” to reduce Tongbao’s watching time. At first, after the TV was broadcast for a while, Tongma would bring Tongbao to the TV, let him feel the heat of the TV with her hands, and tell him: “the TV has been working for a long time and is very tired. If you don’t let it rest, it will also get sick. If you get sick, you can’t work anymore and you can’t watch it anymore.” Tong Bao was very worried about the “health” of the TV set, and even more worried that it would “strike”, so later, whenever he found that the TV set was a little hot, he consciously stopped watching it.

Coup 3: if you want to watch TV, please hand in your ticket

This “trick” was learned by Tongma from the cartoon. In order to control Tongbao’s TV watching time, Tongma specially made some “TV tickets” and stipulated that: if you want to watch TV, you have to pay for the tickets. One TV ticket can watch half an hour of TV programs. Every week, Tongbao will be given 7 TV tickets by Tongma, and he will decide how to use them. At first, in less than three days, Tongbao will use up all the TV tickets. In the remaining days, no matter how he cries, Tongma will not be accommodating. Several times down, Tong Bao began to know how to use his TV tickets in a planned way. Of course, the time for watching TV was naturally reduced.

Expert weapon

In addition to strictly controlling the time of watching TV, experts also tell us that some precautions about watching TV should not be ignored——

Magic weapon 1: don’t let the baby watch TV alone

Children’s right and wrong judgment ability is not strong, so when they watch TV, their mother must accompany them, and tell them what is right and what is wrong through conversation in the process of watching, so that they know that what they see from the screen is not completely right.

Magic weapon 2: don’t regard prohibition as a punishment

Whether you can watch TV or not is often regarded as a kind of reward and punishment measure by mothers – “if you don’t obey, you won’t watch TV today!” “quickly pack up the toys on the ground, you can watch more cartoons!” indeed, this may receive good short-term results, but in the long run, watching TV will become a “privilege” and more “inducement” in the eyes of babies Puzzling.

Magic Weapon 3: parents must set an example

Parents’ watching habits are a “rule benchmark” for their babies. If they always see their mother sitting in front of the TV, they will naturally follow suit. In addition, mothers should pay attention to: don’t let the babies play while watching TV, because it is not conducive to the cultivation of their concentration.

Magic Weapon 4: health tips about TV

When the babies watch TV, the distance from the TV should not be less than two meters, and the height of the TV should be able to keep their eyes level; when the babies watch TV, an auxiliary dark light should be kept indoors, and they should not be allowed to watch TV in the dark; mothers should also pay attention to the brightness and sound of the TV; the babies should not watch TV for a long time, and it is better to get up every 15 minutes for activities Next, relax your limbs and eyes.

The above is the introduction of the related knowledge of Baibai safety net. Parents should work together with their children to set the time or program to watch TV every day. When the time is up or the program is over, they should turn off the TV. At this time, parents must be firm to let the children know that the rules must be obeyed. If the head of the family compromises again and again, the children feel that the rules can be broken, and you can only wait for endless Inch in. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.