Children’s room is one of the most important environments for children’s growth. It not only provides a comfortable sleeping place for children, but also an all-around place for happy study and free play. Therefore, four principles should be followed in the decoration design of children’s room.

Focus on lighting, ventilation and orientation

First of all, in the determination and establishment of children’s room, we should pay attention to the lighting, ventilation and orientation of the room, as well as various factors of the surrounding small environment of the room, and make appropriate adjustment and response in case of any adverse situation. For example, children’s room should not be located around machines, electrical appliances, high-voltage wires, etc. the noise and electromagnetic radiation of machines are easy to cause brain neurasthenia and suffer from various diseases. For the children’s room with poor lighting or ventilation and unable to change the layout, it is necessary to coordinate and solve some problems in the design and decoration, such as adjusting the light in the room by adding lights and reasonably arranging mirrors.

Targeted design according to children’s age

Secondly, according to the age, gender, hobbies and many other characteristics of children to carry out targeted design. For example, for younger children, we should start from the perspective of safety, guide and improve children’s perception through the living environment in children’s interests and hobbies. Let children fully participate in the design of the room to meet the specific aesthetic and needs of children. At the same time, the design should be forward-looking and have a certain space for growth, so that the children’s room “grows together” with the small owners. At present, with the growth of children, children’s furniture that can be adjusted by themselves is loved by many parents. It can adjust the height and length at will. Parents can change the shape and height of furniture according to their children’s height, age and hobbies, which is economical and affordable. When choosing children’s furniture, we should also pay attention to the wood bed or not too soft spring bed, which is good for children’s physical development. There should be special toy boxes and storage cabinets for children. It’s better to only hold children’s things. School age children should also have their own independent small bookcase to cultivate good reading habits from childhood. A computer desk and adjustable computer chair should be set in the room to facilitate children’s study.

Pay strict attention to environmental protection and health

Third, children’s room must pay strict attention to environmental protection and health. Because children’s immunity and resilience to special emergencies are much weaker than adults, we should pay special attention to some details in environmental protection and health. For example, in the design of children’s room, we should strictly grasp the use of home decoration materials, not only to meet the requirements, but also to use higher grade and quality decoration materials and famous brands when conditions permit. When conditions are limited (such as tight decoration funds, etc.), even if the decoration projects in children’s rooms are minimized, the emission of pollutants from home decoration should be controlled. The children’s room is decorated with natural materials as the first choice, and the fewer the processing procedures and construction processes, the better the month, so as to avoid the indoor pollution caused by various chemicals. In addition to the grasp of environmental protection materials, we should also pay attention to environmental protection issues such as children’s furniture and curtain fabric. We must put an end to non environmental furniture and accessories in children’s rooms.

Children’s room should be simple and practical

Finally, the decoration of children’s room should be simple and practical. Do not pile up some design shapes or apply many “eye-catching” colors in the space of children’s room. For example, the walls of children’s rooms should not be pasted with too fancy wallpaper or pictures, so as to avoid children’s upset and fidgety. Children’s paintings can be pasted specifically to guide their aesthetic and mental development. We should fully grasp the design and display of all kinds of furniture and articles in children’s rooms from the perspective of children, and do not “decide” the needs of children with the eyes and aesthetics of adults. Moreover, children’s room should also pay attention to the convenience and comfort in use. For example, the ground can be made of non polluting materials such as wood floor and various ceramic floor tiles. Use wooden floor and floor tile for easy scrubbing, even if it is dirty. Remind parents to use carpet carefully in children’s room. Carpets can cause allergic reactions in some children.

How to decorate the children’s room and how to decorate the children’s room are the key points of furniture, so we must pay attention to them. If you are good at children’s protective fence, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!