There are many precautions for bathing your baby. As a parent, have you noticed them? There are four principles for bathing a baby. After reading this article, see what you don’t notice. Care for your baby’s health needs to be careful and careful!

I. comfortable warm water

The water volume should not be too high, and the baby can reach the waist position when sitting. The water temperature should be 37-42 ℃, which is the most comfortable temperature for the baby. Parents should first test the water temperature and then let the baby go into the water.

II. Psychological counseling

To put it simply, you should prepare your baby psychologically before bathing so that he can know what to do next.

III. no bath after injection

The eye part of the needle is easy to be polluted by the water, the baby’s skin is delicate, causing other adverse symptoms.

III. the body is not fit for bathing

If the baby has a fever or just reduces the fever, then the pores are all opened, and the resistance is weak. It is easy to catch cold again when bathing the baby, which aggravates the cold. Baby vomiting, diarrhea do not bathe, it is easy to infect bacteria, increase the discomfort of the baby.

IV. unable to take a bath just after feeding

The baby who has just finished eating the milk is prone to vomit when taking a bath. It is necessary to take a bath in one or two hours.

The above precautions are the most important before bathing. There are many taboos when bathing. The mother of honey pomelo listed one by one:

1. Choose non irritant and mild bath products for children, such as bath gel, shower cap, etc.

2. Pay attention to cleaning the umbilical cord, wipe it carefully and dry it with a cotton swab.

3. Be careful in sensitive parts, nose, ears, private parts and other parts to avoid injury.

Remind that never leave the baby in the bath, even if it’s just a turn around, he may slip into the water and drown. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!