Baby’s body metabolism is vigorous, skin wrinkles such as neck, armpit, thigh root contain many dirt, frequent bathing can help baby to remove dirt, avoid bacteria invasion, and ensure skin health. And Xiaobian will tell you about the four steps of baby bathing.

There are four steps for a baby to take a bath.

Step 1: prepare clothes and bath supplies for the baby

Parents should prepare the clothes for the baby in advance so that the baby can be changed into new clothes immediately after bathing. This reduces the time it takes to find clothes for the baby. In addition, parents should prepare bath water, bath towel and other necessary bath supplies for the baby in advance. When preparing bath water for your baby, parents should take care to test the water temperature first. And want to mix bath water first even, avoid the uneven water temperature to hurt the baby’s skin.

Step 2: take off and wash your hair

Many parents think that when washing their baby’s hair, they don’t need to take off their baby’s clothes, and even think that it can keep warm. In fact, it is not the case that babies wash their hair with clothes, which is easy to moisten the clothes close to their body, so that they are more likely to catch cold. Therefore, parents should take off their clothes and prepare big towels for their babies when washing their hair. In this way, it can not only keep warm, but also facilitate the washing of baby’s hair. Next, parents put shampoo on their hands and add some water to gently rub the baby’s head. Then wash the baby with water and dry the baby’s head with towel.

Step 3: bathe the baby

After the baby’s head is washed, the parents can start bathing the baby. In the process of bathing, parents should pay attention to holding the baby’s head with their hands. And use the other hand to clean the baby’s buttocks, armpits, vagina and other places are the focus of cleaning. Parents can wipe more for the baby, and pay attention to control the strength. In addition, parents can change the angle to clean the baby.

Step 4: dress the baby and apply talcum powder

After the baby takes a bath, parents should pay attention to drying the baby and changing clothes in time. At the same time, parents can change diapers for them. Parents pay attention to the process of changing clothes to act quickly, so as to prevent the baby from getting cold. After that, parents can take the opportunity to put talcum powder on the baby to make the baby more comfortable. Of course, parents should not put too much talcum powder on the baby so as not to choke the baby.

Parents in the baby bath, but also to master the way, in the bath can not be carried out at will, otherwise the baby’s body will be affected. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!