When it comes to bathing in winter, the baby would rather cry than wash. The mother is flexible and quick, and the scene is full of ups and downs. How can the baby take a bath in winter? It’s comfortable to wash but not cold! Moms, hurry to learn!

Four steps teach you how to bathe your baby easily

Step 1: parents should wash their hands, then gently scrub the baby’s face with a soft towel (don’t rub it), wash the ears, and scrub the ears, eyes and nostrils with cotton balls.

Step 2: take off the clothes for the child, wipe the buttocks to avoid soiling the bath water, and then put some bath soap on the child. Then, gently put him in the water with appropriate temperature, and wash the soap off his body with his hand.

Step 3: after washing, take the child out of the water, immediately put on a dry and soft bath towel, dry the water gently and carefully, and pay special attention to the places with wrinkles, such as ears, neck, armpit, navel, external genitalia, feet and fingers, etc.

Step 4: put some prickly ash powder on the baby and put on the prepared clean clothes.

Six details of bathing

(1) make sure that the articles for bathing, drying and dressing are ready and kept at hand.

(2) mother can wear waterproof apron to prevent her clothes from getting wet, but she also needs to spread a large and soft towel on her thigh and another one on her chest, so that you will feel warm and comfortable when you hug the baby after bath.

(3) a very small baby can’t regulate his body temperature very well, so try to reduce the time when he is naked. Prepare water and all supplies for the baby before undressing.

(4) the baby bath solution added to water is better than soap. Or put the bath solution on the sponge.

(5) the older baby can make the towel like a hood: he will feel safer and more comfortable. If you warm this towel on the electric heater first, it will make others feel like this.

(6) before you are used to bathing your baby, you’d better put only about 10 cm deep water in the bath each time.

Small make up proposal, give a child to rub bath, what rub off actually is cuticle. When the cuticle is removed, the skin loses its protection and is prone to allergy and infection. So I don’t advocate bathing children. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!