Children’s safety has been a controversial topic among parents in recent years, and children often put things into their mouths when they get them. Once these foreign bodies are swallowed, they can’t pass normally like food, and many checkpoints will make them stay in the digestive tract. This article talks about the four-year-old girl died by swallowing the button battery by mistake. Parents should take good care of their children and don’t take it lightly!

I. 4-year-old Australian girl died of swallowing button battery by mistake

Summer steer, an Australian girl, died Sunday of stomach bleeding after swallowing a button lithium battery by mistake, according to news reports. Once the news was reported, it caused a lot of people’s comments, people’s views on button battery also had a new perspective, and its safety attracted the attention of many parents. If we want a tragedy not to be repeated, we should learn from it and learn from it.

Button cell, also known as button cell, refers to the battery whose overall dimension is like a small button. Generally speaking, it has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness (compared with the columnar battery, such as the No. 5 AA battery on the market). Button battery is divided from the shape of the battery. The same corresponding battery categories are column battery, square battery and special-shaped battery. Button battery is also divided into two categories: chemical battery and physical battery. The chemical battery is the most commonly used.

II. It is harmful to swallow by mistake, and rescue shall be timely

1. Be alert to “potential killer”: the battery contains some chemicals. If swallowed, it will cause great damage to the baby’s body. If the battery is stuck in the throat or esophagus for a long time, it is easy to leak corrosive acid, which can burn a hole in the throat or esophagus in a few hours. If the battery sinks into the lung and blocks the airway, it will cause suffocation and endanger the baby’s life. Doctors say button lithium batteries usually get stuck in the esophagus or throat. Within two hours, they will leak corrosive acids and burn the esophagus severely due to the rupture of the shell. Once swallowed into the stomach by gastric acid corrosion, will lead to gastric bleeding, threatening the safety of the baby’s life.

In addition to the lithium battery is a potential “killer” around the baby, parents have to pay attention to these “potential killers” – buttons, coins, small toy parts, as well as the remaining cores after eating litchi or longan in the summer! If these small things are swallowed by mistake, minutes will kill the baby. These little things are so common in life. They are the “killers” around potential babies. Therefore, everyone should have some first aid knowledge. In case that there are babies swallowing batteries and litchi nuts by mistake, we will not be in a hurry and miss the best rescue time.

2. First aid should be timely: the doctor said that the most important thing is to find out in time. Only by seizing the best rescue opportunity can we prevent the tragedy. For batteries, parents usually need to send the person who swallowed them to the hospital as soon as possible. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the baby at ordinary times, do not allow the baby to play and leave the baby for too long, so as to pay attention to the baby’s movement, if swallowed by mistake or any other accident, it can also be found and rescued in time.

If possible, when the baby swallows the foreign body by mistake, the parents can also remind the baby to vomit by themselves. As long as there is no evidence of suffocation and anoxia, such as cough, dyspnea, blue lips and so on, there is no need to find a way to spit out the foreign body swallowed by mistake, because sometimes the foreign body will be inhaled by mistake into the trachea and suffocation will occur, especially the baby is more likely to occur, at this time, it is better to send to the doctor as soon as possible. After swallowing the foreign body by mistake, it is also wrong to try to use the cathartic to make it quickly discharged from the intestinal tract, because the foreign body with tip and hook, such as nail and return needle, may hook to the intestinal wall or even cause perforation of the intestinal wall in case of rapid peristalsis of the intestinal tract due to the drug effect.

Due to children’s curiosity about the world, foreign bodies in the digestive tract are more common in children aged 0-6. Prevention is better than treatment. Parents should pay attention, be responsible and have a sense of safety. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.