The autumn wind blows, and the day is getting cold. Many mothers worry that it’s getting colder and colder. They don’t care properly when bathing. It’s easy for the baby to catch cold, cause cold or diarrhea. So how can we make the baby take a bath in comfort?

Bathing principle of newborn

Fast action is an important principle to bathe the newborn in autumn. Parents should wash their baby’s body as quickly as possible, but they should also pay attention to the gentle technique and do not hurt the baby’s delicate skin. If the weather is cold, you can turn on the air conditioner to keep the temperature. The best temperature is to keep the room temperature at 24-26 ℃. The bath time should not exceed 10 minutes each time.

The cleaning products for baby’s bath should be the cleaning products for newborn, such as tear free shampoo, bath fluid and soap.

Bathing frequency needs to be adjusted according to season and climate. In winter, you can wash it once every two days. Generally, you should choose the time with the highest temperature at noon. In summer, because of the hot weather, your baby sweats a lot, you can take a bath once or twice a day.

Bathing time should be 1-1.5 hours after baby’s milk or 1-2 hours before baby’s milk, which can prevent baby’s vomiting caused by too short interval between bathing and milk.

The umbilical cord of the newborn will fall off one week after birth. After bathing, it needs to use a cotton swab to dry the water in the umbilical part to keep it dry. The umbilicus fossa and the remnant of umbilical cord were disinfected with sterile cotton swab dipped in 75% alcohol. At the same time, keep your hips dry. After taking a bath, you can apply some hip cream.

Do not bathe if the baby is not feeling well, showing signs of milk refusal, vomiting or coughing.

When bathing the baby, it is also necessary to observe the physical condition of the baby, observe whether there is jaundice, rash or abscess, etc. if any abnormality is found, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for consultation.

Prepare before bathing:

I. water temperature. The water temperature of the baby’s bath should be adjusted according to the season. In summer, the water temperature should be kept at 38 ℃ – 39 ℃, while in autumn and winter, it should be 40 ℃ – 41 ℃.

2. Time. When the newborn takes a bath, it should be controlled within 10 minutes. Arrange 1-1.5 hours after or 1-2 hours before the milk to prevent the baby from spitting.

3. Towels. The towel prepared for the baby should be soft, because the baby’s skin is delicate, if the towel material is too hard and thick, it will damage the baby’s skin. Parents can prepare two towels, one for the face and one for the body, so as to prevent bacteria from infecting some parts of the body.

4. Soap. The soap used for baby bathing should be special soap for newborn. This soap is oily, alkaline and less irritating to baby’s skin.

Steps to bathe your baby in autumn:

Head and face:

Parents sit in a small chair to undress the baby, wrap the baby tightly with a large bath towel, and let the baby lie on his left thigh. Then start to wash the baby’s hair. The parents need to hold the newborn’s head and neck with their left hand. The left thumb and middle finger press the auricle at the back of the baby’s head on the opening of the external ear canal, so as to avoid the bath water flowing into the baby’s ears. The parents use their right hand to wash the baby’s hair. Parents should choose no tears shampoo for their baby, so that even if the bath water flows into the baby’s eyes, it will not cause discomfort and avoid the baby’s fear of bath. After washing the head, rinse it with clear water, and then wipe it with soft towel.

Neck and upper body:

The parents wrap the baby’s lower body tightly with a large towel, wash the neck, armpit, chest, back and arms with bath water in turn, and then wrap the upper body tightly with a large bath towel after cleaning and drying. Be careful not to let the water flow into the navel when washing the upper body.

Lower body:

At this time, the parents place the baby on the left arm of the parents. The baby’s head is close to the left chest of the parents. The parents hold the baby’s legs and abdomen with their left hand. The cleaning sequence is perineum, groin, buttocks, legs and feet. When cleaning the perineum, clean it from the front to the back of the anus. When bathing a baby boy, turn up the foreskin of the baby boy and wash it gently with water to avoid adhesion of the foreskin. When bathing a baby girl, separate the labia from the labia and wash it gently. Wipe dry and wrap with bath towel immediately after cleaning.


After taking a bath, parents should apply some talcum powder onto the baby gently. Do not pour the talcum powder on the baby directly, which may cause the baby to inhale the talcum powder particles into the nose or scatter them in the eyes, causing discomfort. Apply moisturizer instead of talcum powder to wrinkles.

In autumn, parents can wash their baby’s body once every two days. Pay attention to the indoor temperature and water temperature during the cleaning process, and put the bath solution, clothes, etc. in the place where you can get them, so as to reduce the bath time. The newborn should pay attention to the protection of the umbilicus, do not let the bathing water flow into the umbilicus. After bathing, the water in the umbilicus should be sucked with a cotton swab to keep the umbilicus moist. After bathing, parents should immediately wrap the baby with a large towel to prevent cold. And apply talcum powder and emollient oil to the baby to prevent skin erosion.

To sum up, from preparation to process of bathing newborn babies in autumn, the same can not be bad! Moms need to think about everything! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!