As our children grow up and enter the outside world, there will be more and more TV, computer, mobile phone, iPad and various electronic products. And we are used to throwing children directly to electronic products, which is actually very harmful. This article small edition sends you four big reasons, lets the child say “no” to the electronic product from now on!

Electronic screen — the “killer” of baby’s eyes

At present, computers, iPads, smartphones and other electronic products are popular. Not only adults have become “fans” of various products, but also children who are learning to talk are infatuated with these electronic products. Animation, games let these children face a variety of screens for more and more time, resulting in “vision problems” one after another.

How to protect the developing eyes of children? What targeted measures should parents take to prevent the disease?

Four reasons to say “no” to electronic products

Reason 1: affect baby’s vision

Watching the screen of electronic products such as TV, computer or iPad has a negative impact on baby’s vision. Especially for infants under 2 years old, the refractive and other regulating systems of the eyes are not well developed, and it is difficult to adjust and adapt to the direct stimulation of the strong light. The changing screen pictures of the bright and the dark will make the children’s eyes tired, leading to myopia. And sometimes in order to see more clearly, some babies will involuntarily appear askew posture, causing strabismus.

Knowledge link: the development of children’s eyeball has its natural law: 0-6 years old is the development period, 6-9 years old is the visual shaping period, 9-12 years old is the stable period. It was not until the age of 13 that the development of scleral collagen in the equator of the eyeball was completed, and it was in the adjustable period before.

With the increase of eyeball diameter by 1 mm, myopia degree can increase by 300 degrees. During this period, such as early development of children’s vision, or intensive use of eyes, it is easy to cause children’s myopia, and because children are still in the adjustable period of eye development, the degree is very easy to skyrocket, leading to children wearing the “beer bottle bottom” early, and even may cause retinal degeneration or detachment, and increase the risk of glaucoma.

Reason 2: it is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s language expression ability

Parents may think that TV programs or iPad’s educational games can help develop children’s language expression ability, but in fact, the opposite is true. Language expression depends on the interactive environment.

Related experiments:

According to a scientific test conducted by US scientists on 329 infants aged from 2 months to 4 years old, every hour when the TV is turned on in the room, the number of words heard by infants in front of the TV from adults will be reduced by 500-1000. There was almost no dialogue. The survey results in Japan also show that the longer the children under 2 years old watch TV, the weaker their language expression ability.

Reason 3: affect the development of baby’s behavior and communication ability

Children who are keen on TV programs or video games will gradually reduce their social opportunities because they are addicted to them, which will lead to their gradually weakened communicative ability and lack of experience in problem-solving.

Related experiments:

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of medicine in the United States found that if children watch TV more than two hours a day before the age of five, their risk of behavior problems will more than double when they grow up. According to the analysis of the researchers, too long watching TV will affect the time of social activities. Over time, the baby will lack the experience of dealing with others and the ability to solve problems will be reduced, which will cause some behavior problems, such as withdrawn personality, rude words and deeds, infringing others, difficult to cooperate with others, etc.

Reason 4: affect the development of baby’s sports ability and easily become obese children

Sitting on the sofa watching TV and playing with iPad without moving can easily make your baby become a “little potato”. If you eat some snacks at the same time, your baby can easily “develop horizontally” and become a fat child. And always stare at the computer, television, it is easy to let the baby neglect the movement, affect the development of the baby’s movement ability and the healthy development of the body.

Six ways to keep the baby away from the “electronic screen”

Trick 1: limit the time to watch the screen

Infants under the age of 2 do not watch electronic screens; children under the age of 2 watch TV for 20-30 minutes and then have a rest; children under the age of 3 can not watch TV for more than 1 hour and should play outside after watching a program. There is no TV in the room where infants live.

Warm tip: make an appointment with your child

Baby does not know moderation, watching animation or playing games always want to have a good time, but baby’s young eyes must be rested. Turn off the electronic products, what about baby crying?

Then have an agreement with the child in advance, and the parents must implement this agreement, and urge the baby to become a person of “promise”. Parents can “pull the hook” with their baby. If the baby wants to watch after watching and play with the skin, then the parent can cancel a special thing he wants to do as a punishment. Let the baby understand the “rules of the game”.

Move 2: breastfeeding and eating time away from TV

Although watching TV while eating has become the habit of some adults, in order to develop good living habits and grow up healthily for the baby, it is recommended that parents turn off the TV during the baby’s lactation time and meal time, and taste the taste of food carefully, which is conducive to cultivating Baobao’s eating habits and making the baby eat well.

Trick 3: replace electronic products with parent-child activities

Take the baby to find one or two sports he likes, and then play with him, sports skills can be ignored first, focusing on the fun of sports for the baby.

Play toys and games with your baby at home, read interesting books together, or take your baby on a trip. These activities, which seem more troublesome than sending your baby to watch TV or play video games, will not only keep your baby away from the screen, but also bring healthy body and happy parent-child relationship to your parents and your baby.

Trick 4: encourage the baby to play with the children

Mom and dad can prepare some toys for the baby that can be used for group games, such as building blocks, encyclopedia books, etc., invite other children to play together or encourage the baby to join other children, not only to cultivate the sense of sharing and cooperation of the baby, but also to lay the foundation for the baby’s calm social aspect when he grows up.

Move 5: get close to green outdoors

Parents take their children out of the house, go camping, hiking, playing, and bring them closer to nature. Green trees are good for baby’s eyes to relax, but also good for baby’s physical and mental health.

Trick 6: parents should reduce the time of using electronic products

Parents are children’s role models. If parents use electronic products in front of their children for a long time, they not only provide children with access to electronic products, but also promote children to follow their parents’ bad behavior.

On the one hand, we should teach our children values and skills, say no when necessary, and persist in the way that we have dignity and respect for ourselves and our children. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!