Children are lively and active. As parents, we sometimes regret that they have an accident because of carelessness. The next thing Xiaobian wants to say is that grandpa didn’t pull out the car key, the 3-year-old baby started it by mistake, and the child’s guardian should take the responsibility.

Grandpa didn’t pull out the car key. 3-year-old started by mistake

On October 6, Mr. Quan, who lives in quanjiazhai village, Rougu Town, Yangling Demonstration Area, introduced that at about 5:00 p.m. on September 20, his 5-year-old daughter Yingying (pseudonym) was playing on the village road at the door of his home, while his 3-year-old grandson Nannan (pseudonym), a neighbor of master pan, was also playing with some children in the village. Later, Nannan climbed on the electric tricycle that master pan parked at the door of his home. Because the electric key was not pulled out and the power supply was not cut off, after holding the handlebar in her hands, she accidentally started the electric vehicle. The car directly hit Yingying on the side of the road, causing the tendon of Yingying’s right calf to break.

“After the incident, my daughter said that Nannan was standing on the pedal of a tricycle and playing. There was another older boy in the village sitting in the car. Both of them had just climbed into the car and soon the car was started.” Mr. Quan said that at that time, master pan hurriedly came out to help move the car to save the child. He also said that “it’s important to save the child. We will talk about other things later.”. The day after the family sent the child to the hospital for treatment, he asked master pan to solve the problem through consultation. However, he did not admit that his child was responsible. However, Mr. Quan reported to the local police station. “According to the investigation of the police station, it is confirmed that master Pan’s grandson started the tricycle and hit my daughter. The police also asked the village committee to mediate.” Mr Quan said.

The lawyer said that the guardian of the child should be liable for compensation

In response, pan Jianhui, village director of quanjiazhai village, Rougu Town, said that at the time of the incident, master pan parked his car at the door of his shop. While unloading the goods, his grandson climbed into the car and started it by mistake, which hit Yingying on the opposite door. Afterwards, Rougu police station of Yangling branch of Yangling Public Security Bureau of Yangling Demonstration Area also sent police to understand the situation, because both sides are neighbors, and the village is also in the process of coordination and settlement, “one party has expressed willingness to bear part of the compensation, but it can only be negotiated after the child leaves the hospital and gets the cost list.” Pan Jianhui said.

Wang Kui, a lawyer from Shaanxi yongjiaxin law firm, said that in general, guardians are liable for infringement in cases where minors cause damage to others. In this incident, the owner of the electric vehicle, as the owner of the vehicle, has the obligation to guarantee the safety of the vehicle. If the car key is not removed after parking, resulting in the child starting the car and hurting others, the owner of the electric vehicle shall also bear the corresponding liability for compensation. In this case, master pan, as the guardian of the child and the owner of the vehicle, shall be liable for compensation.

Baibai safety net reminds us that in the future, when we take our children out of the house, we must take good care of them. When we stop the electric car, we should check whether we have the key to prevent such things from happening again. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.