Five layout elements of children’s room health: truly create a good environment for children’s growth! Children’s room health and safety should be the primary consideration for decoration and layout of children’s room, so how to arrange children’s room more environmentally friendly and healthy? Green home decoration, children’s room decoration remember these moves!

Scientific choice of green home decoration

The building materials for children’s rooms should be environmental friendly. However, green materials are not used, which means green decoration. The decoration materials will have different reactions in different environments. Therefore, natural materials, such as wood materials, should be used as far as possible in the decoration of children’s rooms, but natural stone materials should be avoided as far as possible because of the radioactive hazards in natural stone materials. In addition, it is better to choose materials with less harmful substances and less release. And some paints, wood-based panels, materials, rubber products also need to be checked.

Before the decoration of children’s room, parents should find the relevant indoor air testing department for “pre evaluation”, and let experts explain whether the materials and processes used in the design plan have an impact on the microclimate of children’s room. It is understood that the indoor microclimate conditions include the following aspects: temperature, humidity, relative humidity, wind speed, air pressure, etc.

In addition, children’s rooms should be ventilated after decoration. According to the test of indoor environmental experts, the frequency of indoor air replacement directly affects the content of harmful substances in indoor air. The more frequent indoor air changes or the use of air filters, displacers, etc., the less harmful substances in the air, or even no exist.

Experts also remind that any color paint or paint, which must contain heavy metals. The colorful world may be a world full of toxic gases. If the baby lives in the environment with excessive heavy metals for a long time, his health may be threatened.

Reasonable arrangement of indoor layout

Children’s room is the main place where children grow up. Children’s healthy growth needs plenty of sunshine. In the process of decoration of children’s room, it is not allowed to use too strong light, because children’s vision is no less than that of adults, which is very fragile. Therefore, the brightness of light should be well controlled in the selection of light. It is better to choose soft light, which can not only make the room warm and comfortable, but also give children a sense of security.

The color in children’s room can’t be ignored. Colorful room can not only increase children’s imagination, but also develop children’s intelligence. However, it should be noted that the color in the children’s room should not be too chaotic, and large-area bright pure color system should not be used, which will make children’s mood uneasy, affect normal life and entertainment, and is not conducive to the cultivation of good temperament.

It’s children’s natural nature to be active. In order to prevent children from being hurt in the room, children’s room should be decorated with special care. Furniture without edges and corners should be selected as much as possible. Exposed hardware handle should also be installed with soft decoration to prevent children from being injured when playing. Power socket with socket cover and electrical appliances installed with cover should be selected as much as possible, and landing should not be used as much as possible Lights, floor fans and other electrical appliances, reduce the chance of children’s electric shock.

Children are constantly growing, interest, hobbies and stature are constantly changing. Therefore, when children’s houses are decorated, they should take into account the versatility and variability of furniture facilities. This careful design and consideration will facilitate the adjustment of the spatial pattern of children’s houses in the future, and also reduce parents’ investment in children’s housing and make the best of both worlds.

Conclusion: children are the future of our country and family. We should pay special attention to the building of children’s room for the sake of children. Don’t let your children lose in the starting line. If you are interested in what kind of good common sense of children’s protective fence, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!