In winter, bathing the baby becomes the top priority of the family. But for bathing, the baby is like an enemy, often crying, refused to enter the water. So how to make baby fall in love with bath? Try to guide your child to fall in love with the bath and give him some temptation.

Prepare a special stool

Baby’s small buttocks just don’t want to sit in the tub, how to do? Father and mother may put a special bathtub stool in the bathtub, which may make the original “restless” baby stay in the soap bubble. If it looks very interesting, the baby will even ask for “launching”.

Give some temptation appropriately

Put some baby’s favorite little toys in baby’s bathtub, such as noisy plastic duckling, little plastic dolls or bath books, sponge toys, etc., which will make baby feel that bathing is as fun as playing games. Therefore, when the baby and his toy partner have a good time, mom and dad can also calmly give the baby a “full body cleaning”.

Other strategies

If your baby is not interested in these things, then the mother may choose to wash her baby’s hair and body at the same time, and complete the baby’s bathing process in the shortest possible time. If the baby doesn’t want to sit in the tub, let him stand; if the baby doesn’t like the toys in the tub, divert his attention, sing a song or tell a short story. In a word, don’t force the baby with rough attitude and behavior, otherwise it will only make the baby’s resistance to bathing stronger.

&In fact, if you want your baby to take a bath, you need to find the right time. Don’t let your baby take a bath when you feel sleepy or hungry, otherwise it’s easy to cry. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you