Now, in the daily life of most families, we have to contact with household appliances. Using household appliances not only facilitates life, but also improves the quality of life. There are many precautions to be paid attention to when using household appliances, which is not only related to the service life of refrigerators, but also possibly related to property and even personal safety. In the end, which aspects should be taken care of? Have you got the safe use of refrigerator? Today, I will summarize some points for you. Let’s learn together!

Safety precautions for refrigerator use

★ it is not allowed to use refrigerators in places with inflammable and explosive gases, such as when painting and other operations are carried out indoors.

★ do not store inflammable and explosive materials and volatile chemicals in the refrigerator.

★ in case of LPG leakage near the refrigerator, it is not allowed to start the refrigerator and unplug the power plug. The leakage of LPG shall be eliminated in time, and the doors and windows shall be opened for air exchange. At this time, if the power plug is unplugged, the fire will be caused by sparks.

★ do not wash the refrigerator box with water to prevent leakage or electrical insulation performance degradation and rust.

★ when unplugging the power plug of the refrigerator, do not pull the wire hard. Be sure to hold the insulating part of the plug by hand and unplug the plug. When unplugging and plugging in again, the interval should be more than 5 minutes.

★ the power line of the refrigerator shall not be placed on the shell of the condenser and compressor, nor pressed under the furniture and other heavy objects, so as to avoid damaging the wire sheath and causing electric leakage.

★ when taking and putting food, do not touch the evaporator directly for a long time, let alone touch the evaporator with wet hands, so as to prevent fingers from frostbite at low temperature.

★ children are not allowed to pull the refrigerator door to play.

Above we have introduced how to use the refrigerator in summer from six aspects. Only if we follow the above methods can we ensure that the safety seat used in the refrigerator can avoid danger. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!