Everyone wants to have a healthy and plump hair, so they always spend a lot of manpower and money on hair care. However, improper daily care will make hair worse and worse. Here are seven mistakes in daily hair washing. Have you heard of them?

Seven taboos for hair washing

Wash without combing. “There is no hair in the skin, but there is no hair in the skin.” scalp is very important for hair. Before shampooing, first use a wet comb to make the dirt and dust attached to the scalp float on the surface, so as to wash the scalp and hair at the same time. To avoid injury to the scalp, it is recommended to use a comb with wide teeth seam and round hair.

Shampoo your hair as soon as it’s wet. Many people pour shampoo on their heads just after their hair is wet, but they don’t know how to wash their hair at all. Before applying shampoo, wash hair and scalp with warm water for more than 1 minute to remove 70% dirt. Then, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water to the foam, and then put it on your hair, so that the foam will be richer and wash your hair thoroughly.

Scratch your scalp with your fingernails when you wash your hair. There are many bacteria in the nail, once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When you wipe shampoo, you should gently push the scalp with your finger abdomen, which can decontaminate and promote blood circulation.

Apply conditioner to the hair root. Because the hair follicle is opened during shampoo, and conditioner is applied on the hair root, the chemicals in it are easy to penetrate and block the hair follicle. It is recommended to straighten the hair first, smear the hair tip along the ear to the hair tip, and make sure that the conditioner does not touch the scalp.

The conditioner is not washed clean. Many people think that some hair conditioner residues in the hair can make the hair more moist. In fact, the residual conditioner is easy to mix with dust to adhere to the scalp, block hair follicles and cause inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to wash hair conditioner after application.

Sleep with wet hair. When the hair is wet, the scales are open. At this time, the hair is delicate and can’t bear friction. If you sleep with your hair half wet and half dry, it will thin the cuticle and make your hair dry.

Go out immediately after washing your head. The research found that the amount of UV radiation on hair is more than twice that on face. UV will make hair scales thin and peel off. After washing the hair, you will go out immediately. UV is easy to cause hair breakage and bifurcation. If you go out, you’d better hold an umbrella or wear a hat to prevent ultraviolet rays.

Improper hair washing can harm human health. Xiaobian reminds you to avoid these seven mistakes. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website