For modern mothers, they will give their babies a safe and healthy environment. From the very beginning of their birth, they will wash their babies white, clean and fresh. They will feel comfortable and their mothers will be in a good mood. But do you know the process and precautions of baby bathing? Come and learn!

One is the process of bathing the baby;

1. The baby is sleeping on a bath mat with a slope, and the water temperature for bathing is generally controlled at about 37 ℃.

2. Bathing sequence: generally from top to bottom, first wash the hair, then wash the opposite upper limbs, then the armpit, small hands, upper limbs, upper abdomen, chest and small feet. When washing your hair, cover your baby’s ears with one hand to prevent water from rushing directly into your baby’s ears.

3. Apply bath gel to the baby, which can be the combination of bath and shampoo. Every time when washing the baby, follow this order, and protect the baby’s facial features and ears.

4. It is recommended that the baby use shower gel the next day, and the amount should not be too large.

5. The underarm and armpit should be strengthened here, because sometimes, the sweat glands secreted by the baby are rich. At last, the baby’s small buttocks should be cleaned carefully. Two hands should lift the baby’s two feet together, especially around the anus. Because the baby’s small buttocks have more flesh, it is necessary to fully expose the anus. If it is a girl, it is more important to pay attention.

6. Keep eye contact with your baby during bathing.

Baby bath precautions & nbsp;

1. After bathing, apply some lotion to the baby, including the treatment of the navel, apply alcohol to do the treatment of the navel. In addition, prevent red buttocks with PP cream, or cream cream.

2. The baby’s bath temperature is generally controlled at about 28 degrees, and the water temperature is about 38-41 degrees.

3. It is suggested that mother bathe her baby once a day at noon in winter. Twice a day in summer.

4. The baby should wash his hair every day, because the metabolism is very fast, and the sebaceous gland secretion is also very strong.

5. We hope that the baby will take a bath every time for about 10 minutes, and do not expose for too long.

6. After the baby urinates, it is not necessary to wash with water. Repeated washing will also remove the protective grease on the buttocks. But after defecation, especially for breast-feeding babies, wash them. Try to use warm water instead of soap and body wash. After washing, dry it with a soft tissue, which is very important. After sucking dry, and then coated with hip cream, these can really play a role in isolation.

7. Baby talcum powder, the problem is not too big for the male baby. If the female baby, it is generally recommended that the groin here, do not wipe the baby. Don’t use too much talcum powder. You should rub talcum powder on your hands, and then gently smear it on the baby’s wrinkles. Don’t sprinkle it directly. It’s not too safe.

With the growth of the baby, the baby’s bathing mode is also changing. When he grows up to the stage of playing with water, the mothers should give the baby some time to play with him and understand the water with him. Through the happy playing process, the fear of water can be reduced and the bathing can become a happy and interesting thing. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!