In the Internet age, most people can’t live without computers. Children usually enjoy playing video games for entertainment. In addition, with the rise of online cloud education, do you know that helping children learn more computer graphics is conducive to the coordinated development of hands and eyes? Let’s have a look!

Using computer drawing to develop hand eye coordination

According to the characteristics of children’s age, using Windows’s color pen painting software to draw can help children develop imagination and creativity. In computer painting, children often process new things through the existing image, so as to establish a new image in their mind. For example, children often regard the sun as a kind-hearted, sunny father-in-law, nurturing their own growth, so children like to use anthropomorphic techniques to draw two round eyes and a curved mouth on the sun. In the sun’s bath, the earth’s seeds have sprouted, as if opened their eyes. The color brush painting can fully show children’s interest. In addition, computer color pen painting can also enable children to obtain the creative ability of comprehensive processing of visual information through their meticulous observation.

When using the color pen drawing software of windows to draw pictures, children need to skillfully use the mouse, which is also a test for children! Because it depends on the coordination of wrist movement and index finger press to operate the mouse, it needs certain hand and eye control and coordination ability. According to our observation, most children have difficulties at the beginning, but they can master it gradually by repeatedly operating the mouse. Once they use the mouse to draw a picture of their heart, they will experience the joy of success from the heart, so they will work harder to learn how to master the mouse, and in the process of mastering the mouse, the ability to control the activities of small muscles in the hand, the ability to coordinate the hands and eyes has been further developed.

In the specific guidance, parents should pay attention to using the language that is more acceptable to the child to guide the child and communicate with him. The following “lines” are for your reference:

“My baby likes drawing at ordinary times. Today, my mother shows you some pictures drawn by computer. What do you think? “

● “these are all computer color strokes drawn by kindergarten children. The computer’s ability is very big, the baby learns to use the computer color pen painting, will make you become more intelligent and lovely

Today, let mom teach her baby how to draw with a computer

● “what do you need for drawing? (pen) the computer also provides you with a pen. What is it? Look (here, it’s called a mouse).”

“Mouse looks like a mouse, living in the computer kingdom.”

(start the color pen in Windows) please use your right hand to operate the mouse, first aim at the mark of the color pen painting, then use your right index finger to gently “knock on the door” and “dada” twice. At this time, a small wine glass appears on the screen, which indicates that the computer is opening the door of the brush.

“What do you see, baby? Let me introduce to you: the top line of the picture is” menu “, which has many functions. With one of its functions, you can store the pictures in the computer, so that you can check them at any time. The computer has many skills, and your stepmother can teach you again.”

● “the two columns on the left of the screen are the drawing tools provided for you. Here, you can draw straight lines, circles, squares, scissors, erasers and other tools.”

● “there are 24 colors available at the bottom of the screen. If it is not enough, you can also color on the palette yourself.”

“Do you know how to use these tools, baby? You can move your mouse over the tool icon you need, and then tap with your right index finger to get this tool.”

● “how can you get the color you need? You can press the left mouse button with the index finger of your right hand to get the color of the pattern. If you press the right mouse button with the middle finger of your right hand, you will get the color of the background. “

Let the baby use the mouse to repeatedly move to the box representing various tools and colors, while moving and hitting the key, to see if the baby can get the tools and colors he needs.

After the baby is proficient in operation, he can design and create on the computer at will.

This shows that it is not useless for children to learn computer. As a parent, we should guide our children to learn computer painting, which is very helpful for their growth and development. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!