In winter, a lot of inadvertent scenes will produce static electricity for babies. You may as well learn some simple and easy-to-use “discharge” methods to protect babies from static electricity. So how to help the baby eliminate static electricity in life? Help the baby to get rid of static electricity, teach you the most practical ways!

In winter, the cold and dry air, indoor air conditioning heating, will have an adverse impact on the baby’s hair. This kind of environment transformation can easily take away the moisture in the baby’s hair, making the hair become dry, fragile and even broken. And the static electricity in winter is one of the phenomena that perplex baby’s hair. Static electricity will not only make the baby’s hair lose its normal health, but also absorb dust to affect the cleanliness. The reason why the baby’s hair produces static electricity in winter is that the first is related to the dry weather, and the second is related to the improper way of shampoo and hair care. Therefore, to get rid of static electricity, we must first solve the problem of baby hair drying. Parents should consider choosing baby shampoo with high moisture content and red water drop formula logo on the outer package. Only such shampoo is high moisture, safe, gentle and qualified. The brand Johnson baby shampoo, which is more reliable than the family members, has this symbol, and is rich in natural vitamin and malt extract. It can form a thin film on the hair of the baby while cleaning the baby’s hair, so as to reduce the friction between the hair and make the hair lubricate, bright and elastic.

How to reduce static trouble in winter

In addition to shampoo, the editor also collected some ways to reduce static problems in winter. I hope you can learn from them!

1. If the baby’s hair is too long in winter, and he is afraid that his shaving is not warm enough, he will tie it into a pigtail, otherwise his hair will rub against each other, and in case of dry cold wind, etc., it will generate static electricity quickly.

2. Avoid wearing chemical fiber clothes with poor texture and easy to generate static electricity for the baby. If the coat fabric is chemical fiber fabric, it can be washed with anti-static detergent.

3. After washing the baby’s hair with Johnson baby shampoo, the mother can also gently massage the scalp along the direction of the baby’s hair growth with her hands. Long term adherence can improve blood circulation, make the baby’s hair full and tough, and also reduce the occurrence of static electricity to a certain extent.

4. To wear underwear made of pure cotton or silk products for baby, pure cotton or silk products should also be selected for quilt cover, bedspread and hat lining.

5. The indoor environment is also very important. Maintain a certain air humidity and mop the floor frequently. Or use the air humidifier to drive the air; put more green plants and potted plants, which can reduce the static troubles brought by the air drying to the baby.

I believe that every mother has learned these things, and would like to “get rid of static electricity and then quickly”! Remember to prevent electrostatic “electricity” injury to the baby, it is necessary to start from the baby’s clothing, diet and daily habits. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.