Nowadays, all kinds of new electrical appliances come into our life. Winter is the concentration period of using high-power electrical appliances. Which electrical appliances have potential safety hazards? How to ensure the safety of electrical appliances in winter There are old people and children at home. Listen to the safety net of Baibai to tell you about home fire prevention: pay attention to the safety and correct use of electrical appliances.

I. how to prevent electrical fire

1. Do not connect electrical lines without permission, increase line load at will and install electrical equipment not in accordance with standards;

2. Do not replace the electrical circuit in time after aging, or the wire joint is oxidized, loose, and greasy dirt is not reconnected in time;

3. Do not pull out the plug when the appliance is used or the power is cut off;

4. Do not use steel, iron, aluminum wire to replace the fuse or use the fuse beyond the standard;

5. It is forbidden to protect the electrical circuit without pipes or lay it along combustible and inflammable materials.

2. Remember these details in daily life when using electrical appliances

Electrical fire fighting.

In case of fire on power lines and electrical equipment, which leads to nearby combustibles, the method of power-off and fire-fighting shall be generally adopted, that is, according to different conditions of the fire site, the power supply shall be cut off in time, and then the fire shall be put out. It should be noted that fire fighting with water must not be carried out first, because electrical appliances are generally live, and the water splashed on them can conduct electricity. Fire fighting with water may cause electric shock to people, and the purpose of fire fighting can not be achieved, and the loss will be more serious. In case of an electrical fire, only when the power supply has been cut off can water be used to put out the fire. If it is not sure whether the power supply is cut off, it can be put out with dry powder, carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride and other fire extinguishing agents.

In the fire of electric appliances, the more dangerous is the fire of TV and computer. If televisions and computers catch fire, even if the power is turned off and the plug is unplugged, their fluorescent screens and picture tubes may explode. In order to effectively prevent explosion, the following methods should be followed: in case of smoke and fire of TV or computer, unplug the main power plug immediately, and then cover them with wet carpet or wet quilt, etc., so as to effectively prevent the spread of smoke and fire, and block the glass fragments of fluorescent screen in case of explosion. Be careful not to splash water or use any fire extinguisher on the TV and computer, because the sudden decrease of temperature will cause the hot picture tube to explode immediately. In addition, there is still residual current in the TV and computer. Splashing water may cause electric shock. When extinguishing the fire, do not approach them from the front. In order to prevent the explosion of the picture tube from hurting people, you can only approach the TV or computer from the side or the back.

Therefore, please use the electricity according to the load bearing capacity of your line, do not use the electric appliance under overload, and regularly ask the electrician to check the indoor lines to ensure the safety of electricity use. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.