Children’s safety can not be ignored, whether in kindergarten or in their own homes. Children usually go home to stay for a long time in their own “bedroom”, which is one of the main places for children’s activities. Parents should not only pay attention to the air quality after interior decoration design, but also ensure children’s personal safety indoors. But now there are many hidden hidden weapons harmful to the baby in the family. These household “hidden weapons” hurt people. If you have a baby at home, you should be careful!

Five hidden weapons harmful to baby at home

Concealed weapon 1: magnet.

Magnets are widely used in toys, building materials and jewelry. When a child swallows two or more magnets by mistake, or a magnet and a metal object are swallowed separately, they may attract each other through the inner wall of the intestine and then stay in the human body, disturbing or distorting the large intestine, resulting in intestinal perforation, blockage, infection, and even death.

Therefore, try to keep children away from products containing magnets and avoid children taking them by mistake.

Concealed weapon 2: recalled products.

When dangerous products are detected, relevant national departments will require them to get off the shelves and issue information to recall dangerous toys, clothes, electronic products, etc. But there are a lot of family information is not smart, often is not self-knowledge.

Therefore, remind families to pay close attention to the information of unqualified products and recalled products, and immediately return or destroy such products.

Concealed weapon 3: easy to overturn.

Toys, remote controls, etc. placed on the top of furniture are often easy to arouse children’s desire to climb. When children climb or pull down TV sets, shelves, bookcases and other furniture, these heavy objects are likely to overturn and hurt children’s heads.

Therefore, we must make sure that the furniture is placed firmly. We can also use hooks to fix the furniture on the ground or on the wall.

Concealed weapon 4: windows and covers.

If the cord at the end of the curtain forms a loop, it may bind the child’s neck and cause suffocation.

Therefore, it’s best to use cordless curtains or make the rope inaccessible to children, and try to avoid the rope from looping. In addition, remember never to put the crib by the window, and never fully believe in the window lattice, which is used to block the things outside, but can not prevent the children from climbing out of the window.

Concealed weapon 5: bathtub.

When the bathtub is full of water, if the drain plug is loose, the suction of the drain pipe of the bathtub can be strong enough to suck an adult under the water and cause drowning, let alone children.

Therefore, every time you use the bath, check and make sure that the plug at the drain is intact, and plug the drain hole.

In order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of these accidents, as parents, we should be very clear about the potential safety hazards at home, and actively take measures to prevent them in advance. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to look up. I hope it can help you!