Generally, the baby starts to climb at about 8 months. Since then, with the development of the baby’s movement, its activity ability is stronger and stronger. Driven by curiosity, the scope of the baby’s activity is wider and wider. In fact, the house is not the safest place. There are hidden killers everywhere. So what are the safety wildflowers threatening the baby?


When washing machine is dry, mower is working, coffee machine is grinding, neighbors are decorating When these voices are mixed together, we can only raise our decibel of speech or turn the music up a little louder. Not only that, some of the children’s toys emit decibels equivalent to a portable drill, with a click or squeak of up to 110 decibels. Playing for 10 minutes is equivalent to listening to a rock concert.

These sounds not only harm children’s hearing, but also hinder the development of children’s language ability and perception ability. The pressure caused by noise will be distracting. Children living near the road are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, endocrine disorders and other diseases than their peers living in quiet environment.

In addition, children aged 8-11 who live in noisy families are not as good at learning as children in quiet families.


Immediately, turn down the sound of the stereo and TV as much as possible; make the following rules at home: no shouting in the room; keep quiet as much as possible when children read, draw or study; choose toys that can muffle; choose household appliances that produce noise such as vacuum cleaners and dishwashers that have mute devices; if your outdoor sound is loud, pay attention to decoration. It means to fill the gap between doors and windows, install double-layer windows, hang thick curtains or lay long wool carpets, all of which have sound-absorbing functions.


Most health experts agree that irons at home are the biggest threat to children’s safety. Minor iron burns often occur in small children. What’s terrible is that a recent study found that 74% of children are injured under the supervision of adults! When adults realize that there is a danger, children have been scalded into a big blister, and the danger often occurs in less than one second.

Usually it’s like this: when the iron is just plugged in, the adult says it’s dangerous, but the higher temperature doesn’t change its appearance, so the child thinks it’s just a joke. When someone reaches out to touch it, the touch will hurt. If your child has just learned to walk, pay more attention: the average age of a child burned by an iron is 17 months.


You should keep the iron out of the reach of children. That is to say, after you use the iron and make it cool down, you should unplug the power supply immediately, wrap the wire and put it at a height that the child cannot reach. Some dangers happen because children pull down the wires, so after placing the iron, make sure that the wires on the iron are also wrapped high.

Home is a warm harbor, but parents should also pay attention to children’s safety. At the same time of brave exploration, we should also protect children’s safety and make them grow up happily in a healthy and safe environment. If you want to learn more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!