Nowadays, many families are harmed by the pollution of healthy furniture. After the investigation, the experts found that the use of materials containing harmful substances in the decoration of the room aggravates the degree of indoor pollution, which has a very serious impact on children and women. It can even be said that home pollution is easy to make children suffer from leukaemia. Don’t you take it seriously?

Beware of household pollution threatening future baby

I learned from 128 Guangdong indoor environment public welfare hotline that recently many expectant mothers asked the hotline about such a question: Recently, the home was just decorated, will it have an impact on the future children? The professional staff of the hotline disclosed to the author that most of the women who called for consultation and testing were newly decorated or less than two years old. Some of them have been pregnant for more than half a year, and found fetal abnormalities during B-ultrasonic testing; some of them have just received good news, but they feel that their physical condition is not good, and their pregnancy reaction is strong. During the physical examination, many doctors suspected that household pollution was the cause, and issued special orders for “early detection of the indoor environment of the family”.

According to statistics, more than 90% of the pregnant families consulted and tested by 128 hotline exceeded the standard. Among them, formaldehyde and benzene, because of their strong and pungent smell, are easy to attract the attention and caution of the owners, while those colorless and tasteless radioactive substances are hidden in the home and cannot be prevented. Medical statistics show that the newly decorated family has a high rate of teratogenesis, infertility and leukaemia. Experts think it may be related to indoor environmental pollution. Statistical data of major hospitals show that in recent years, the incidence of childhood leukemia, malformed children and infertility is on the rise in a straight line, and the incidence in urban areas is higher than that in rural areas, and that in developed areas is higher than that in underdeveloped areas, which has attracted widespread attention.

As far as Guangzhou is concerned, the pediatric center of Pearl River hospital found that more than 60 cases of childhood leukemia patients received treatment, 1 / 3 of them had a close relationship with family decoration pollution, and the time from their new residence to their children’s onset is usually only about one year. Researchers from Guangzhou Women’s and children’s Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University also believe that childhood leukemia is directly related to decoration pollution. Medical experts believe that the influence of environment on eugenics is first through the harmful factors in the environment to the reproductive health of the father or mother, and then through fertilization and pregnancy to affect the development and health of the offspring.

Because embryos and fetuses are more sensitive to toxic effects of harmful factors than adults, when the intensity of harmful factors has not yet caused obvious clinical manifestations to the father or mother, the seeds of patients have been planted for the offspring. Research shows that every month of pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus is closely related to the health of the whole life, and all the injuries to the mother to be may affect the development of the fetus.

Due to the growth and development of fetus, there are a series of corresponding changes in each system of pregnant women. Once these changes go beyond a certain physiological limit and the pregnant woman’s body cannot meet the needs of pregnancy, the pregnant woman and the fetus may have pathological abnormalities.

It is understood that the sources of harmful substances in household pollution are mainly decoration materials, formaldehyde in furniture, radon and other radioactive substances in building materials and pollution in car. There are five kinds of harmful substances: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, stone, ceramics and other earth products in the house, as well as electromagnetic radiation. According to the national compulsory standard of the code for the control of indoor environmental pollution of civil construction engineering, the index of family health and environmental protection during pregnancy is: free formaldehyde in the air is less than 0.08 mg / m3; benzene is less than 0.09 mg / m3; ammonia is less than 0.2 mg / m3; radon is less than 200bq / m3; in terms of noise, the allowable noise level in the living room (Hall) should be less than 50 dB in the daytime and night Room should be less than 40 dB.

We need to face the indoor air pollution objectively, because as long as the decoration and furniture are involved, there will be pollution. As long as we do not pursue luxury in decoration, we need to make a comprehensive air test for our home or unit before moving into the new house. If the test is qualified, we will settle down, if not, we will carry out reasonable indoor air purification, so that we will not worry about the future air pollution. The common sense about how to prevent children from bumping at home is still being updated. Please continue to pay attention to this website!