Mom and dad all know that the bear children in the family never stop climbing. Even if someone is watching at home at any time, as long as they don’t pay attention to some dangerous things for a second, so parents should know about the home safety of preschool children. Have you done these protective measures well?

1. It is better to install protective sleeve for socket

Generally speaking, the lines in the family are all dark lines, which are relatively safe. The main hidden danger lies in the socket and plug. Sometimes, in order to facilitate the use of multiple electrical appliances, we will plug in multi-purpose sockets with exposed wires, which will inevitably be damaged after a long time. It is suggested that parents with children at home should put such multi-purpose sockets at a high place, as far as possible where children can’t touch them.

If conditions permit, you can buy a socket protector to plug in the power socket at home and cover the power hole. Now many children, out of curiosity, like to plug their fingers into the socket or take things into it, which is very dangerous. If it’s a new house being renovated, it’s suggested that parents with children should design the position of the switch and socket a little higher when designing the circuit.

In addition, all kinds of home appliances, such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, fan, etc., are better to turn off the power when leaving, so as to prevent children from starting the power to touch and touch when not at home, causing accidents.

2. Close the gas valve

When it comes to open fire, kitchen is the key point. It is suggested that families with children should not adopt open design in kitchen design. If it is already open type, it is necessary to close the main gas valve when leaving. Families with liquefied gas tanks should pay more attention to isolation and sealing. If it is a closed kitchen, parents must lock the door when leaving, so as to avoid accidents caused by children playing with gas equipment.

When buying gas stoves, parents must buy products from regular manufacturers. When children are alone at home, remind them not to touch gas appliances. For older children, if necessary, first learn how to turn on and off the gas stove correctly. And tell them that when the gas is burning, people can’t leave for a long time, so as to prevent the fire from being blown out by the wind or being watered out by the overflowing water in the pot, causing gas leakage.

In addition, in daily life, parents should popularize relevant safety knowledge to children.

3. Add protective measures for windows

The main reason for children’s falling is that the window safety protection measures are not in place. Now the children’s physical development is very fast, three or four year old children, height has been more than one meter. If the balcony and windows are low from the ground, they can easily climb up. If there is no effective protective measures, it is easy to have accidents. On the one hand, parents should teach their children more in daily life to enhance their safety awareness, on the other hand, they should mainly increase the protective measures for windows. Install a strong anti-theft net on the window, and do not set the handrail horizontally. If the balcony at home is large, it can be equipped with invisible protective net. The steel wire of the protective net is thin and the spacing is small, which does not affect the appearance and vision, and can prevent children from falling down. If there are floating windows and floor to ceiling windows in the family, you can install a protective fence inside the window.

If the family is not equipped with guardrail, the parents should lock the windows when they go out, so as to avoid accidents when the children open themselves.

4. Keep the dangerous goods at home

When parents go out, it’s best to put away the knives in the kitchen and living room.

5. Pay attention to the safety details of furniture

Furniture is also a major cause of injuries to children. When choosing and placing furniture, we must first consider the safety of children, and try not to choose furniture with sharp edges and corners. We can check the details such as edges and corners, screws, etc. to prevent children from bumping in the future. We can choose furniture and cloth furniture with smooth edges and corners, or wrap the places easy to bump children with sponge and other items. If you have stairs at home, you should also install a fence wrapped in soft cloth at the entrance of the stairs to prevent children from falling and bumping.

Places like doors and cupboards are easy to cause child pinching. It is suggested that parents install protective parts on the door, wardrobe door and cabinet door, so that the resistance will increase when the door is closed, and the speed of the door movement will slow down, which can protect the child to a certain extent and prevent pinch injury. Tips: in addition to the above points, we should also pay attention to prevent scalding. Children with poor self-protection ability are prone to scalding accidents, mostly due to boiling water and hot soup. If there is a child at home, it is better not to let the child take a bath or touch hot water by himself. When leaving, take a large container to pour warm water, or use a Thermos Pot to facilitate the child to drink water. There are young children in the family. Pay attention to put drugs and chemicals out of the children’s reach and avoid eating them by mistake.

Parents must have a long snack. Don’t take chances and gamble their children’s lives! If you want to learn more about how to prevent children from bumping at home online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.