From the beginning of crawling, children can actively explore the world, touch here, press there, climb up and down, and sometimes put things in their mouths to bite, so before babies learn to crawl, they should sort out the corners of the home, and repeatedly consider the security risks of every detail. So, next, let’s talk about the family safety tips for children.

There are many hidden dangers in home safety, formaldehyde is a big invisible “killer”.

New carpets, asbestos, furniture or wall cabinets made of synthetic or particleboard will release formaldehyde without oxygen deficiency. Formaldehyde is one of the raw materials of these products. The anoxia free process will not only cause the discomfort of children’s eyes, nose and throat, but also make those children who are likely to suffer from asthma. Living in formaldehyde environment for a long time, they may suffer from lung cancer or sinus cancer.

Formaldehyde in the product will volatilize gradually with the passage of time, so it’s better to stack the newly purchased goods in a ventilated house, open the window as far as possible, turn on the fan, until you can’t smell any peculiar smell again. If you want to know whether the formaldehyde content in your home exceeds the standard, you’d better ask a professional surveyor to test it at home.

How to create a safe environment for children?

If there are children in the family, all angular furniture that children in the family may come into contact with should be bound to prevent the young son from being injured in play. If the windows in the home are not high, protective net should be installed on the windows to prevent children from climbing and falling due to the lack of parental supervision.

Home appliances, especially those with high temperature, such as electric iron, pressure cooker and other appliances should be placed where children can not touch them. If these appliances are contacted by children in use, they will cause great harm to children in an instant.

Children should be given safety education since childhood, especially the safety awareness of hydropower should be established as early as possible. Children for a family, is an unparalleled wealth, all the efforts of all the family, energy.

With this in mind, we should find dangers in our daily life, adjust and improve them in time, and equip them with household safety products to prevent accidents of children. Parents should let their children learn more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, so as to ensure their baby’s safety at home.