No matter when, home security is a common topic, but we still keep vigilance. At the end of the year, home security is the key. How to make security more effective? Next hundred hundred safety net to teach you some home security common sense.

Ten safety reminders for home security

1. Consciously cooperate with the management of the community. Residents should consciously take good care of all kinds of anti-theft facilities in the community, and close the public anti-theft door when entering or leaving. Do not lend the key of the public anti-theft door to friends or open the anti-theft door for people they don’t know.

2. Select a strong anti-theft door. If the thief enters the community, if it is a building, the building door is the second checkpoint. If possible, it is better to install a “building intercom”. As for your own home, if you want to be safe, don’t worry about money. Even if it’s expensive, install a high-quality security door. You know, the poor security door is just a decoration in the eyes of thieves.

3. Close the doors and windows when sleeping and going out. Close the windows, anti lock the anti-theft door, pay attention to the kitchen, toilet and balcony windows. Do not sleep with the windows open in summer below the fourth floor. Valuables and clothes should be kept away from the windows to prevent thieves from “hooking” from stealing from the windows. It is better to check whether the doors and windows are closed before you go to sleep or go out.

4. Don’t show traces when you are away from home for a long time. The empty house which has been idle for a long time is the ideal target for thieves. If you are not at home for a certain period of time, such as business trip or travel, don’t let the thief know. When the homeowner is not at home, there may be many posters and small advertisements often inserted in the anti-theft door. In this case, it’s better to charge the neighbors or trusted friends to clean up these things regularly. Don’t let people know that there is no one in the home from the appearance, so as to give the criminals a chance.

5. Don’t leave important property at home. Don’t store a lot of property at home. Even if you have valuables, you’d better not put them in a place where thieves can easily find them.

6. The protective window is not necessarily safe. Now most of the windows of the low floor households are equipped with outdoor protective fence, which can extend the time of criminals committing crimes, but there are many hidden dangers: first, it is easy to be used by criminals and become a climbing object when entering the high floor households committing crimes; second, it is easy to cause numbness and carelessness, forget to close the windows, leaving opportunities for criminals; third, once there is a fire, it will hinder the escape of indoor personnel.

7. The doors and windows of the home should be checked frequently, the damaged windows and doors should be replaced in time, and the damaged locks or lost keys should be replaced in time. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the door frame, it is mainly to pay attention to whether it is firm, whether the door seam is sealed, and whether the door body and door frame fixing the lock lock part are firm and solid.

8. Vulnerable parts of burglary. First, the newly relocated commercial houses are not familiar with each other and the safety protection organization is not sound; second, the houses with single house and poor ability of mutual care between the neighbors; third, the houses with protruding guard rails installed on the top or lower floors of the building and easy to enter the room through windows; fourth, the houses without residents for a long time.

9. Report to the police if any thief is found. If you find that the thief is committing a crime, you must remember not to be a hero and call the police first. When finding the abnormal situation, the residents are prone to face off when they enter. The criminals choose to escape first, and the second is that they must fight with the residents in the case of pressing, so the consequences will be very serious.

10. If it is found stolen after the event, first, call the police in time, protect the scene, and do not rush to enter the room to check the lost property; second, prevent the bystander from touching and approaching the scene, so as not to damage the scene, and wait for the public security organ to investigate.

Don’t forget that thieves now rely on technology to eat. There are many burglary cases that can unlock and break through windows. Many little friends regret their past and don’t take enough precautions. The above knowledge is a wake-up call for you. It’s very important to guard against theft at the end of the year! If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!