Have you heard the rumors of various humidifiers causing disease and death? Xiaobian told you that it was all caused by the wrong use of humidifier! Therefore, these rumors have nothing to do with the humidifier itself. Improper use of humidifier is the real killer of health. Today, my father would like to talk with you about using humidifier in children’s room, OK? Do not use for more than three hours.

How about using humidifier in children’s room? Do not use for more than three hours

Guo Xiaoqing, director of pediatrics at 309 Hospital of the PLA, pointed out that the dry climate during the season change will make respiratory diseases very easy to spread among children, because when the air humidity is lower than 20%, the indoor inhalable particles will increase, and people will easily get a cold. When the air humidity reaches 45% – 65%, the living environment of the bacteria will be damaged, and it is not easy to spread.

But if the air humidity is too high, such as more than 80%, it will make the child’s respiratory system and mucous membrane feel uncomfortable, reduce immunity, induce asthma, cold and other diseases. Director Guo suggested that if the area of children’s room is about 10 square meters, humidify twice a day for 3 hours each time to achieve the appropriate indoor humidity.

However, it should be noted that the humidifier should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, otherwise the microorganisms such as mould in the humidifier will diffuse into the air with the air mist, and then enter the children’s respiratory tract, which is easy to cause respiratory system diseases, and even suffer from “humidification pneumonia”.

In addition, the use of humidifier families, to pay attention to the timely opening of windows ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh, maintain a suitable living environment.

Therefore, the small edition reminds that long-term use of humidifier is not conducive to human health, so humidification must be moderate. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.