With the continuous improvement of living standards, the frequency of people’s bathing is no longer affected by the environment. Even in cold winter, people can take a bath as they like, but the seasons are different, and the precautions for bathing are different! Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn about the precautions of baby bath in winter! Come and have a look!

Take a hot bath for 20 minutes to cure baby’s cold

Winter has come, facing the young baby, many new mothers and new dads are helpless to bathe their baby. They are most afraid of their baby’s cold, or their baby’s disobedience. How can they make their baby take a bath and not have a cold? Chaoma has a good idea.

1. Turn on the bath master and heater before bathing. (the bath bully is very dazzling and needs to be closed when bathing.) When bathing, turn on the electric heating oil heater, which is the first choice for mothers in winter. It is safe and can heat the baby’s clothes and underwear.

2. Drain the water. I take a shower to drain the water directly from the top of the bathtub. The whole bathroom will have very warm water vapor. More water to cover the baby’s body.

3. Wash your baby’s hair. When washing your hair, you should keep your baby warm. Don’t take off your underwear or wrap your body with a big towel. After shampooing, wrap the baby with “sheep’s horn head”. Then wash the body, immerse the baby’s body in the water. If the water is cold, heat the water in time. Before heating the water, hold the baby away from the water injection area to avoid scalding.

4. Bath time should not exceed 10 minutes. After washing, quickly wrap the baby’s whole body with a large bath towel and absorb water.

5. Wear warm clothes in advance. In winter, I will dress my baby in the bathroom before I come out. When my baby is young, I will put a cart in the bathroom. Now I will put it on my hands. When wearing clothes, the naked body should be protected with a large bath towel.

Baibai safety net reminds that when the baby takes a bath, it needs to be carried out according to the age group. Mother also pays attention to her baby’s bathing skills. Different ages of baby physiological characteristics are different, bath details also have many different, mothers should pay attention to it! The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!