Most of the children in the family now basically use mobile phones, play games, watch TV dramas by themselves, and make phone calls by themselves, even if they are one or two years old. For these children who grow up with “screen”, a box of puzzles, a doll, even a group of small partners are far less interesting than an electronic product. However, how deep is the damage to children’s eyes caused by excessive playing with electronic products?

I. what harm does regular use of electronic products do to eyes

1. Frequent use of electronic products is easy to induce myopia

Children are in the stage of growth and development, and the eye is responsible for regulating the muscle that looks far and near – ciliary muscle strength is strong. When they look too close, especially when they use computers and related products for a long time, they will have eyesight fatigue. In computer products, the brightness of tablet computer is higher than that of ordinary computer, and the color is more gorgeous, so it is more prone to visual fatigue. The excessive contraction of the ciliary muscle of the eye, which is called spasm of the ciliary muscle in medicine, may result in pseudomyopia. If the pseudomyopia is rested in time, it may recover, but it will develop into true myopia for a long time.

2. Long term use of electronic products is easy to induce dry eye

Normally, we blink 15-20 times per minute to protect our eyes, but when we watch the computer, especially when we play games with high concentration, the number of blinks will be greatly reduced. The result of blink reduction is that tears evaporate excessively and the eye surface is not wet. Over time, there are dry and astringent eye surface, itchy eyes, burning foreign body feeling, blurred vision, decreased vision, eye swelling pain, orbital pain and other symptoms.

II. Scientific use of electronic products to prevent myopia

1. Place electronic products correctly

The TV set and game machine in the home should be placed according to the height and seat of the child so that the screen is slightly lower than the eyes. When children use tablet computers, they often play games in their hands. Generally, they look at the computer screen at a close distance. Parents must help control the distance between the screen and their children’s eyes. The distance between the screen and their eyes should be 60-80cm.

2. Moderate light and brightness

Children must pay attention to the light in the room when playing with electronic products, not too dark or too bright. If the baby is in a bad light environment, or in a bumpy car, try to avoid touching the electronic products.

In addition, the brightness of the display should not be too bright. Adjust it to half of the maximum brightness. It is better to see the content clearly but slightly darker than the surrounding objects.

3. Control time and pay attention to rest

Parents need to control the time of children using electronic products. It is better to control the time within 15 minutes each time. Do not let the baby play to the extent of red eyes, rubbing eyes, sleepiness and other fatigue. Remind children to blink consciously in the process of use, look at the screen for a while, or do eye exercises. After playing, take the baby to a place with wide vision, so that the eyes can have a good rest, and at the same time, let the baby play some ball games, so that the eyes can move in all directions.

4. Pay attention to supplement nutrition

Adequate nutrition can alleviate the baby’s visual fatigue and protect the baby’s eyes. Vitamin A is the most important nutrient to maintain normal vision, parents should often supplement for their babies. The best sources of vitamin A are animal liver, milk and eggs, as well as red, yellow and dark green vegetables and fruits rich in carotene.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that older children should also turn down the brightness of their electronic products and have a rest after playing for 15 minutes, no more than one hour a day. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!