Children’s addiction to TV has become a topic of discussion among parents. The frequency of brain waves when people watch TV is similar to that when they sleep. And watching TV always passively accepts what others digest. In the long run, children become lazy to think and affect their intellectual development. In order to avoid the harm of TV to children, parents must watch it. How to make TV a good teacher and friend?

How to make TV a good teacher and friend for children?

Program type: the content of TV programs will have an important impact on children’s physical and mental development. It is necessary to make sure that children are not watching programs containing violence, pornography and foul language. According to the characteristics of children at different ages, we should choose suitable TV programs for them to watch. For example, from 1.5 to 3 years old is a period of rapid development of children’s language. You can choose some cartoons with simple plot and sentence structure for them. After the age of 3, children’s self-awareness began to form. They can watch some programs with complex plots properly. Natural and technological programs are good choices, which can cultivate children’s interest in natural science. At the same time, art, music and history programs are also of great educational significance to children.

Time control: to cultivate children’s habit of watching TV regularly, do not change their sleeping time because of watching TV. Let the children watch the short film as much as possible, and control it within 15 minutes. If the time is longer, remind the children to take a rest in time. It’s better for preschool children to watch TV within one hour every day. Because children are in a period of rapid physical and mental development, watching TV for a long time every day is easy to make their nervous system and body fatigue, affect the healthy development of body and mind, as well as the normal progress of other activities such as learning. Finally, the time to watch TV is also very important. When eating, it’s best to turn off the TV so as not to affect children’s eating.

Communication after watching: when children watch TV, parents are advised to accompany them. After reading, children can be properly guided to retell what they see, which is conducive to developing their memory. Explain the content of TV programs to children as much as possible, and tell them what they should learn and what they can’t do. This is also a good time for you to instill correct morality, values and outlook on life into children. Encourage them to ask questions and connect the content of the show with their lives.

&Instead of staying at home and indulging in TV, children should play with their partners. Otherwise, when they grow up and enter the society, they find that they can’t get along with others. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns