Do you worry about your children’s living space when decorating a family with babies? Whether it’s the edges and corners of the home or the antiskid of the ground, or some places you didn’t expect, it may become a potential safety hazard and bring potential danger to children. How is your baby’s children’s room decorated? Don’t be careless!

According to the global organization for child safety, 61.2% of child injuries occur at home. The main injuries in children’s home are falls (25%), burns (16.7%), sharp injuries (9.1%).

1. Unsound guardrail affecting the appearance

According to the national code for design of housing, when the height of the window sill of the external window from the floor and the ground is less than 0.9m, there should be protective facilities.


Parents who have children at home must install guardrails in floating windows, windows and balconies. The spacing between guardrails should not exceed 12 cm. If you are afraid that the guardrail will affect the view, you can install a hidden anti-theft net or install a safety lock on the windows and glass doors.

2. Too much furniture in children’s room

Children’s room is generally not large. If the furniture is too full, it limits the children’s activity space, but brings trouble to children.


If the child is less than 7 years old, there is no need to set up a bookcase. It can choose the furniture that is easy to move and has high combination, which is convenient to adjust the space at any time. At the same time, space is set aside in the wall of children’s room as a “small blackboard”. Children can scribble and post freely; older children can leave a display space to display works or photos, so as to cultivate sense of achievement and self-confidence.

3. Use carpet to avoid bumping

Children under the age of 3 like to play on the ground, so many parents wear foam mats or carpets.

Rugs are not easy to clean and are easy to clean. It is easy for children to suffer from respiratory diseases. Chemical fiber blankets can cause allergic reactions to children, and foams contain formaldehyde, which also endanger children’s health.


The best choice for the floor is solid wood floor, which is covered with easy to clean bedding or blanket instead of carpet.

4. Do not unplug the power cord of household appliances

Many parents try to save time. The power cord of electric fans, washing machines and other appliances is never unplugged. Children are naturally active and have no discrimination. If they press a switch or a button unintentionally, it may cause harm.

Suggestion: form the habit of unplugging the power cord after use.

5. Over unified color

When decorating children’s rooms, girls’ rooms are mostly designed in pink, light purple and other colors, while boys’ rooms are generally designed in blue, green and other colors. In fact, children’s love for color is not fixed.


Lively and active children can use gray, light blue, light green and other cold colors to help children calm and relax; introverted children can consider orange, yellow and other warm colors to bring happiness and harmony to children.

6. Multiple and complex light sources

“In general, there are main light sources and supplementary light sources in every area of the family. If the children’s room is also designed in this way, there are too many lights.” Experts say that if the lamp is installed directly above the head of the child, it may cause damage to the child’s vision, and it is also prone to danger.


Install an adjustable light fixture in the children’s room to reduce the brightness at night, which helps to eliminate the fear of children sleeping alone. The lamp in children’s room is suitable for warm light source. The lamp should be far away from the place where children can touch it, and the power socket should also be installed in a concealed position.

Conclusion: with a childlike heart, build a pure dream world for children. Maybe you need this guide. If you want to know more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh!