In the growing process of babies, there are many vaccines that need to be vaccinated. For the interval time of various vaccines, it will take a while. Let’s explain how long is the interval time of vaccination?

1、 Simultaneous vaccination of several vaccines

Generally speaking, two or more vaccines can be inoculated in different parts of the same recipient. The widely used live attenuated vaccine and inactivated vaccine at the same time will not affect the immune response of the body, nor increase the incidence of side effects. More than two kinds of vaccines can be inoculated in different parts at the same time, but they must be inoculated in different parts. It is forbidden to mix several vaccines into one syringe for vaccination. In the work of children’s immunization planning, it is very important to vaccinate all the children at the same time. It is necessary to simplify the procedure and improve the vaccination rate.

2、 Different vaccinations at the same time

If the live attenuated vaccine is not inoculated at the same time, the interval between the two live attenuated vaccines shall be at least 4 weeks in order to reduce the interference of the injected vaccine to the later injected vaccine. If the interval is less than 4 weeks, repeat the vaccination at least 4 weeks after the second vaccination, or carry out serological test on the recipient to determine whether the immunization is effective. Live attenuated vaccine for injection will not affect the immune effect of oral live attenuated vaccine. Oral live attenuated vaccine can be inoculated at any time after injection of live attenuated vaccine.

3、 Time interval and supplementary inoculation of the same vaccine

Prolonging the interval time of different doses of multi dose vaccine will not reduce the immune effect of the vaccine. Shortening the interval time of different doses of multi dose vaccine can interfere with the immune response of the body. Many vaccines in children’s immunization program need to be vaccinated twice or more to induce the body’s full and lasting immunity. The time and interval recommended by experts can produce the best immune effect. The interval between two doses of multiple doses of vaccine is extended, and it is not necessary to restart vaccination or increase the number of times of vaccination; vaccination shorter than the specified minimum interval of vaccination can weaken the antibody response, and this dose of vaccine should not be used as a single vaccination of the immunization procedure.

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