Bathing your baby regularly is the most basic way to clean your baby’s body. Bathing your baby regularly is good for promoting metabolism and improving the immunity of your baby. However, when is the best time for a baby to take a bath in winter?

How many baths does the baby take in winter

North: the weather is cold and dry, it is recommended to bathe the baby once or twice a week;

South: it’s a little warm. It’s recommended to bathe your baby 2-3 times a week.

Best bath time for baby in winter

1. Choose between two times of feeding, the baby’s stomach is neither hungry nor full.

2. If your baby is still in the newborn stage, it will be easier to bathe him in the daytime.

3. When he is a few months old, bathing can be part of his bedtime routine. Warm water can help your baby relax and make him feel sleepy

The harm of too much bathing

1. There will be a protective cuticle on the surface of human skin, but the cuticle of the baby is very thin. If you wash your baby’s face frequently, it will destroy the cuticle as a natural barrier. This will make some germs more susceptible to invasion.

2. In addition, the oil secretion of the baby is less in winter. Frequent face washing and bathing will wash away the precious oil that can moisturize the baby’s skin, resulting in dry and damaged baby’s skin, and even skin sensitivity.

3. Apply a small amount of moisturizing oil and talcum powder after bath to prevent dry skin

4. Usually at the wrinkle of the skin, you can put some talcum powder on the baby to make him feel dry and comfortable. Apply skin care oil to the baby’s buttocks to prevent diaper rash caused by urine stimulation.

5. If the skin has rash, red buttocks and other conditions, it is the most important to keep dry and apply medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. At this time, if you use these oils or powders, it will be an extra irritant for your baby, but it is harmful and useless.

Matters needing attention

1. When bathing, please try to keep the indoor temperature around 24 ℃, and the water temperature around 38-40 ℃;

2. The bath time should be controlled within 15 minutes, not too long, because the baby’s skin cuticle is thin, which is easy to cause skin wrinkles;

3. Try not to use shower gel. In addition to washing away the grease of baby’s body, there are many normal bacteria on baby’s skin. They work together with the “natural barrier” of skin, making it difficult for other harmful bacteria to invade. Shower gel will kill the normal flora on the baby’s skin, and harmful bacteria and molds will grow and flood on the skin, which is easy to cause rubella.

4. It’s better not to open the bath. The baby’s retina is not fully developed. Yuba is warm, but the light is too bright for the baby. If you have to open it, you’d better take a special kind of small hat for bathing and shampoo to cover the light. Don’t let your baby look up at the light of the bath bully.

5. Don’t leave the bathroom immediately after washing, and wipe the baby’s body and head thoroughly. Then use the thick towel of pure cotton to wrap tightly, especially the head, which should be wrapped with a separate towel. Then open the bathroom door, wait 3-5 minutes, and then bring out the baby, so that the baby is ready to adapt to the temperature change. After returning to the bedroom, wipe the baby’s feet, armpits, groins and other parts thoroughly, and then put on clothes.

Finally, when bathing, parents can tell stories or play water games with the baby while bathing, so that the baby can relax, gradually get used to and like the feeling of bathing in the water. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.