After the electric shock accident, the muscle spasm caused by serious electric shock may make the electric shock victim fall off the line or the charged equipment; but most of them are “absorbed” on the charged body, causing the current to continuously pass through the human body. So first aid for electric shock is very important. So how much do you know about the following electric shock tips?

First aid principle

1. Immediately cut off the power supply, pull down the switch, or use non-conductive bamboo or wooden stick to separate the conductive body and the person who is shocked. Never touch the person who is shocked when the power supply is not cut off or the person who is shocked is not disconnected from the power supply;

2. For those who stop breathing and heartbeat, boxing resuscitation or mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and heart compression should be carried out immediately until breathing and heartbeat recover. If the breathing does not recover, the artificial respiration should be held for at least 4 hours or the rescue can be given up only when there are dead bodies and spots. It is better to give oxygen directly when conditions permit;

3. At the same time of on-site rescue, call medical personnel or ask for help from relevant medical units as soon as possible. Acupuncture at Zhonghe and Shixuan points with respiratory central stimulant. Do not use cardiotonic until the heart stops.


Strengthen the knowledge education of safe electricity use, regularly check and maintain electrical equipment, abide by the electricity use regulations, do not connect the wires randomly, do not dry clothes on the electrified wires, and do not contact the broken wires; do not stand on the high wall, under the trees, near the electric pole or near the antenna in thunderstorm days.


The local manifestations were burn, hemorrhage, scorch and so on. The boundary between burn area and normal tissue is clear. Or systemic dysfunction, such as shock, respiratory and cardiac arrest. The cause of death is due to the high inhibition of brain (respiratory center of medulla oblongata) and the inhibition of myocardium, and ventricular fibrillation. The damage after electric shock is related to the voltage, current and the condition of conductor contact surface. High voltage, strong current, small resistance and wet body surface are easy to cause death: if the current is only transmitted to the ground from one limb or body surface, or the limb is dry and has high resistance, it may cause burns rather than death.

Electric accident is a very common family accident now, so it also needs attention. Of course, first aid knowledge is not unclear, which is the basic necessary knowledge. I hope you can master it skillfully. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.