I remember when my baby just came, I was at a loss when I looked at the head as big as my palm and the soft fontanelle. Fortunately, when the baby was born, it was very clean, and there was no fetal dirt that looked disgusting. But the baby’s hair is very good and long. The midwife once joked that the baby was born with a fake headgear. It’s because of the baby’s “long hair”, so the problem of shampoo is more difficult than other “little baldheads”. From the busy bathroom battle at the beginning to the later one can easily handle it. In the process, there are many things that can’t be laughed or cried, and also summed up some experience of baby’s shampoo. How old can a baby wash his hair? The right way is the key!

How old can a baby wash his hair?

You should wash your baby’s hair since he was born. The diluted body wash can be used instead of shampoo. Only after the baby is 12-16 weeks old, can the baby shampoo be used to wash the hair, 1-2 times a time.

How to wash your baby’s hair? Baby shampoo procedure

1. Hold the baby, hold the baby’s head with one hand, and clamp the baby’s body under the armpit;

2. Turn up the two auricles of the baby with the thumb and middle finger and cover the outer ear canal. Press and hold gently with proper force to prevent the water from flowing into the ear canal of the baby when washing the hair;

3. Pat the baby’s head gently with a little water, let the baby first adapt to the water temperature, and then wet the hair;

4. Put shampoo on the palm of your hand, and then put it on your baby’s hair. Don’t use shampoo directly on your baby’s head;

5. Gently rub the baby’s hair, and then wash it with water;

6. Clean the back of the baby’s auricle;

7. After washing the head, dry the hair immediately to avoid catching cold. If you accidentally get water into your baby’s outer auricle when washing your hair, you should dry it with a small cotton swab.

3. What are the precautions for washing your baby’s hair?

1. Pay attention to the correct way of shampoo

Do not use your fingers to scratch your baby’s scalp when washing his hair. The right way is to gently massage the scalp with the whole palm of your hand; when washing your hair, your mother should not use your fingernails to scratch the shampoo so as not to scratch your baby’s delicate skin. If the mother’s hand is small, she can’t cover her baby’s double ear holes, and cotton can also be used to plug the outer ear canal of her baby’s two ears to prevent water from entering the ear canal.

2. The water temperature should not be too warm, it will stimulate the baby’s scalp

Overheated or supercooled water will stimulate the scalp and make the baby uncomfortable. Experts suggest that the suitable shampoo temperature is about 37-38 ℃. If mom wants to measure the water temperature more accurately, she can prepare a water thermometer to measure it.

3. Give emotional comfort to the baby

No matter how old you wash your baby’s hair, you should give your baby emotional comfort at the right time. When washing the hair, let the baby’s body be close to the mother’s chest as much as possible, contact the mother’s upper body more closely, and don’t over hang the baby’s head, just tilt it a little bit. At the same time, the mother can gently say a few warm words to pacify the baby.

If you want your baby to have a healthy body, personal hygiene is very important. I hope this knowledge can help you. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.