How should we rescue someone who is electrocuted in the first time? This may be a problem that many people don’t understand. When you see someone getting an electric shock, don’t panic and deal with it calmly. First, separate the electric shock from the power supply, and then carry out first aid according to the situation. The following is to learn the first aid methods for people with electric shock organized by Xiaobian for your reference.

Electric shock, that is, electric current suddenly passes through the body, causing different damage to the body. When the electric current is low, people will feel numb. When the electric flow is high, it will often cause dizziness, coma, muscle spasm, and the blood pressure will drop. If it is serious, the heart and breath will stop.

The first aid method for the person with electric shock is:

1: cut off the power immediately. Because the length of power on time is an important factor of electric shock death. All kinds of conditions can be used to make patients cut off power quickly. For example: when the electric switch is around, the circuit should be cut off at will. When wearing rubber gloves, the person who gets an electric shock should be dragged away, and the broken wire should be pulled out with a bamboo pole or a dry wooden stick. Pay attention to your own safety during rescue.

2. Make a brief preliminary inspection first. Take a few seconds to see if there is breath and heartbeat, to know if the patient is awake, if there is head injury, if there is combined injury, such as spinal column, chest and abdomen injury or bone injury after electric knock down. We should be alert to the possible symptoms of blood loss and shock.

3: active on-site recovery. Don’t wait for the doctor to arrive and delay the time. When the heart rate and breath stop, keep the airway unobstructed first, and then make artificial cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Artificial cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be carried out persistently. It can be stopped only when doctors come and think it is hopeless.

For example, in the case of electric shock, limb fracture, craniocerebral injury, etc., necessary fracture fixation and hemostasis bandage can be made without affecting artificial cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In case of emergency, acupuncture has certain effect. It can be used for acupoints with few elements, people in the middle, Hegu and Taichong. Intermittent twirling, lifting and inserting are used for acupuncture to strengthen the stimulation technique.

If the patient’s condition is serious, he / she should be treated by a doctor, or sent to the nearest hospital at the same time of first aid. When carrying, he / she should be light.

When there is a low voltage electric shock accident, how to first aid is very important. Proper rescue can reduce injury or loss. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!