Children’s room is mainly a place for children to sleep, study and play. How to arrange the children’s room so that children can fly freely and grow happily in their own small world is a required course for every mother and father. So, how to arrange children’s room scientifically and reasonably?

Scientific design of children’s room

(1) it is good for children’s physical and mental health. Children’s room should have fresh air, sufficient sunshine and suitable room drops.

(2) as much space as possible. Children are naturally active and spend most of their time playing. Therefore, it is their urgent need to have a free world where they can play freely.

(3) in order to ensure that there is a game area as large as possible, the furniture should not be too much. It should be limited to beds, tables and chairs, and cabinets for storing toys and clothes.

(4) the color of children’s bedroom should be lively as much as possible. The neutral color is good for the wall and ceiling. The bright primary color can be boldly used for furniture, such as pure red, yellow, blue, green and purple.

(5) lighting is an important means to create a good indoor atmosphere. Good lighting can not only calm children’s mood from psychological aspects, but also protect children’s eyesight from physiological aspects. In addition, in addition to the necessary lighting facilities, another night light (15W) can bring children a sense of security. It is also convenient for parents to visit.

(6) while beautifying the space, the decoration also has a subtle effect. The arrangement of furnishings must conform to the aesthetic law and strive to be neat and harmonious so that children can form a good habit of tidiness. Warm and kind family is the cradle of children’s healthy growth, and comfortable and beautiful interior design can broaden children’s vision and promote the healthy development of body and mind.

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