Baby bathing is just like the name suggests bathing a baby. It’s a big deal. New mothers are often left in a mess. The water temperature, the preparation of items, the order and method of bathing, and how to touch the baby after washing so that she can sleep comfortably, etc. So how to bathe a baby? Here is the operation!

How to bathe a baby

24 hours after birth, the newborn can be bathed. Bathing can clean the skin, prevent skin infection, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and make the baby grow healthily.

Baby bathing technique: when bathing, hold the baby’s head with your left hand, press the two ears of the baby forward with your thumb and index finger, make them close to the front face of the ear, so as to prevent the bathing water from flowing into the ear (or use cotton to plug the ear hole), hold the baby’s body with your left arm, let the baby face up, first wash the head, neck, armpit, chest, arms and hands with a small wool towel, and then turn the baby over to make the baby lie prone On the left arm, stick the top to the adult’s left chest, hold the baby’s right thigh with the left hand, start to wash the lower part of the body, from the perineum back to the groin and buttocks, and finally wash the lower limbs and feet. You can also put the baby bath mat in the basin, and then put the baby on the bath mat. Press the baby’s ear forward with the left thumb and index finger, cover the ear hole, and take a bath in the above order. After bathing the newborn, put him on the prepared bath towel, and then gradually dry the whole body. After drying, apply prickly ash or talcum powder to the skin wrinkles such as armpit, groin and neck. Take care not to leave the umbilical cord in the water before it falls off. After washing, 75% alcohol should be used to wipe and disinfect. After treatment, put clean diapers and clothes on the child and wrap them. Take a bath quickly. The whole process should be completed in 5-10 minutes to prevent children from being exposed for too long and getting cold.

Baby’s bath water temperature: the baby grows fast, the skin is thin and tender, the autoimmune function is low, plus the pollution of milk, sweat and stool, so we should pay attention to the skin cleaning, take a bath every day, in summer, we can wash 2-3 times. Bathing time can be chosen before suckling, so as to avoid changing body position and causing vomiting. The room temperature is required to be 25-28 degrees. Before bathing, close the doors and windows, avoid the convection wind, and prepare soft dry towels and changed clothes, diapers and bags. There should be a special bath for newborns. Wash the bath before each use. First add cold water and then hot water to avoid scalding the baby in a hurry. The water temperature should be kept between 37.5-40 ℃. Soap is suitable for infants with small skin irritation.

Baby bath should pay attention to: take a bath to pay attention to safety, even for a while, and never leave your baby unattended. If the doorbell or the phone rings, surround him with a towel if you think it’s necessary. Never put your baby in a tub that still has water running (the water temperature can change or the water in the tub will get too deep). Turning your water temperature to about 40 degrees Celsius can cause serious burns to a baby if you stay in 60 degrees Celsius water for less than a minute. Never leave your children alone. In less than 60 seconds, a child drowns in less than three centimeters of water.

Warm tip: after bath, apply moisturizer to baby, massage and touch according to baby’s preference, and apply talcum powder to make baby feel dry and comfortable. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website