Hot summer, the number of baby baths has increased. When it comes to bathing, many parents think that how hard is it for a baby to bathe? It’s so easy to bathe a baby every day. However, Xiaobian tells you that the knowledge of baby bathing is great. So how to bathe the baby? It’s only five steps!

How to bathe the baby?

preparation in advance

Bathtub: prepare a special bathtub for your baby. Don’t try to save trouble and put it directly in the tub or adult bathtub. It’s neither safe nor sanitary!

Wash your hands: no matter who bathes your baby, you must clean your fingernails. There are many bacteria in your fingernails, and you will scratch your baby accidentally. Before bathing your baby, wash your hands inside and outside, and never let go of the corners.

Water temperature: the water temperature must be suitable when draining. Never be too hot or too cold. The water temperature is about 37 degrees. It is better to put cold water first and then hot water to avoid scalding. The best depth of water is that the water will not touch the baby’s earlobe when the baby lies down. It’s easy to say that the ears that turn around in the bath are watery.


Take off the baby’s underwear, hold the baby horizontally, dip a soft towel in a little + warm water and gently scrub the baby’s face and head, not hard rubbing (baby’s skin is delicate). Then scrub the ears, use the baby’s special cotton swab dipped in warm water to gently clean the nostrils and ears of the baby.


Take off the clothes and diapers gently for the baby. Remember to take off the diapers rudely once, and scratch the baby’s leg (distressed and annoyed face). If you have defecation, remember to wash your butt with water, so as not to dirty the bath water.


Put the baby gently and slowly into the water. It’s better to hold his head and lift it gently. First wash your baby’s neck, then wash the armpit, leg gap and other parts that are easy to accumulate dirty things. Finally, wash the chest, back and other parts that are easy to wash. But be careful not to let water get into your baby’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose.


After washing, take the baby out, put it on the prepared dry bath towel, and gently dry the baby’s body with water. Just like taking a bath, you should dry the wrinkles on the back of the ears, neck, armpit, navel and thigh. Otherwise the baby will get eczema easily.


After drying, apply toner or moisturizer, baby oil, etc. to baby’s face and body. Gently massage the baby from top to bottom. Also remember to pay attention to the wrinkles. After finishing, you can put on clean clothes for the baby!

Bathing your baby seems easy, but there are many details to pay attention to. Don’t panic, Baoma. Take your time. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!