A lot of Yuesao have such troubles. When bathing their children, they are extremely uncooperative and shout. In fact, it’s a simple thing to bathe the baby, but there are many taboos, which also need to be handled carefully by Yuesao. Today, just follow this step of teaching. It’s super useful.

I. complete all preparations before bathing

·Before taking a bath, prepare all the necessities. You can’t leave the baby alone, but you can get something.

·Mother washed her hands and cut her nails in advance.

·Adjust the water temperature to about 35 ℃, subject to the fact that the back of the hand is not hot in the water; first pour in cold water, then hot water.

·Use a special non slip carved plastic bathtub.

·Please put on the waterproof apron and put a large soft towel on your thigh, so that your baby will feel warm and comfortable after taking a bath.

2. How to bathe small and big babies? I have a knack.

1) bathing the baby

Step 1: wash your hair and face first

Wrap the baby with a towel, hold the head with the palm of your left hand, and fold the auricles on both sides of your thumb and middle finger upward to block the outer ear canal to prevent the bath water from entering your ear. Put the baby’s lower limbs in the water, soak for 3 minutes, and then gently wipe the face, the corner of the eye and the auricle with a soft bath towel.

Step 2: wash the front parts of the body

If the baby’s umbilical cord does not fall off, please hold the baby in your hand, wipe yourself with a bath towel, and be careful not to let the umbilical part get wet. If the umbilical cord has fallen off, you can put the baby in the bathtub, put a soft bath towel or sponge pad on the bottom of the bathtub, support his neck with your palm, hold the back of his head with your fingers, make his head above the water, and then gently scrub each part of the front of the body from top to bottom.

Step 3: wash your back and hips

Hold the chest with the palm of your hand, hold your fingers under your armpits separately, and clean your baby’s back and buttocks.

Step 4: wash limbs and groins

Tips: after washing all parts of the body, immediately wrap the baby in the bath towel, suck up the water, then dry the water at the corner of the eye, nose, auricle, etc., and quickly put on the clothes. The whole process is controlled at about 10 minutes.

2) bathing the big baby

Let the baby sit in the tub, while watering the knee, while washing the whole body.

The order of bathing is: after ear, head, armpit, chest back, navel, pudenda, anus, limbs, etc.

Warm reminder

·When washing your hair, be careful not to let water into your baby’s eyes.

·Don’t rub hard whenever you take a bath.

·After washing, take the baby out of the tub and quickly dry the water with a soft dry towel.

·Make sure to take care of the baby in the whole bath, and wrap the baby with a bath towel when you have to leave.

Baby bath, seemingly simple, is a very exquisite thing in essence. But as long as we do all the preparatory work well and pay attention to the details when bathing the baby, it will be easy and interesting for Yuesao to bathe the baby! If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.