Children’s furniture purchase remember several main points. As there is no compulsory standard for children’s furniture in China, the environmental protection and safety of children’s furniture, formaldehyde heavy metal or over standard become the focus of media and parents. How to choose children’s furniture? How to choose more suitable for children?

How to choose more “fit” for children’s furniture? Don’t be adult!

Style should be simple and novel

Children’s furniture should be small, simple, simple and novel, and should have children’s favorite decoration taste.

Small, suitable for children’s physical characteristics, but also for children to leave more space for activities. Simplicity is in line with the innocence of children. Simplicity can cultivate children’s sincere and simple character. Novelty can stimulate children’s imagination and develop their creative thinking ability in a subtle way.

Children of the same growth stage have different requirements for furniture configuration. For babies, a small fence bed full of warmth and motherly love is necessary. At the same time, it can be equipped with a comfortable chair for parents to nurse and a table of appropriate height.

Older children, however, need more space to explore the world around them. Scaled down furniture, accessible shelves and coffee tables give them a sense of control and satisfy their desire to imitate the adult world. Older children are fond of places where they can give full play to their hobbies and use them for study. It’s better to welcome their classmates to study and play together. At the same time, the appearance of furniture can have the attributes that inspire children’s imagination, such as bed like car, desk like building block, etc.

Diversified functions

In order to create a small world for children to live, study and play in which their body and mind are completely relaxed and unrestrained, the space occupied by furniture should be reduced as much as possible, and its versatility should be emphasized when choosing. For example, occupy a wall position in the bedroom, put a set of children’s furniture with multiple functions as a whole. The bottom is a single child bed, on which is an integral bracket platform, on which is a children’s desk, children’s seat and children’s cabinet. The outside of the desk is a guardrail, which not only ensures the safety of children, but also plays a good decorative role. The cot has four casters that can be pushed and pulled easily and freely. When sleeping, it is pulled out. Usually, it is pushed and placed under the platform. It is not only simple and beautiful, but also saves the ground space for putting the cot. From the ground to the bracket platform, it is connected by movable wooden low steps, stable, convenient and full of children’s interest. On the other side of the room, there is a small sofa for children to rest. You can also put another children’s cabinet in which you can put your children’s seasonal clothes.

In the design of children’s furniture, it is necessary to add elements that are conducive to children’s observation, thinking and play. For example, the bed, slide, desk, wardrobe and bookcase are designed into a combination of furniture, and children are encouraged to assemble or combine at will according to their own preferences, so that children’s rooms can constantly change.

The color should be bright and bright

All kinds of bright colors and lively styles are the biggest characteristics of children’s room. Because of children’s rich imagination, different colors can stimulate children’s visual nerves, and the ever-changing patterns can meet children’s imagination of the whole world, which can be said to be an indispensable part of children’s growth. Bright colors can not only attract children’s eyes, but also stimulate children’s visual development, improve children’s creativity, and train children’s sensitivity to colors.

The color of children’s furniture should be bright and bright. It’s better to choose light color. Try not to choose dark color, such as light yellow, light blue, light powder, bean green, white, or the natural color of beech, maple, cherry wood texture.

I believe that the children’s furniture selected in this way must be safe and in line with our children’s senses, so that children can stay happy and grow healthily. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!