In the twinkling of an eye, it’s winter, and the baby’s skin is delicate and fragile. We should pay attention to the daily care of the baby, especially the baby, who just left the comfortable palace cavity of the mother’s body and came to the noisy world. The adaptability is very poor in all aspects, especially the resistance, so the baby should pay more attention to the care! Then what about the baby’s bathing and crying? What should the new mothers do?

What about the baby taking a bath and crying?

● find the right time to take a bath

Xiaobian believes that many new mothers are facing up to all kinds of crying when bathing their babies. Even when they are upset, they are helpless in time. So in the face of this situation, how should new mothers deal with it?

In fact, if you want your baby to take a bath obediently, the first thing new moms have to do is to adjust the time to take a bath for your baby, and try to avoid taking a bath for your baby when he is sleepy or hungry, because if you let him take a bath when he is sleepy, it means that honesty makes him unhappy, and when he is hungry, he does not meet his needs, Forcing him to take a bath will also make him unhappy. Therefore, the best time is when the baby is excited about his mental state, which is the best.

● adjust the water temperature and room temperature

The baby’s skin is still tender, so it is very sensitive to hot and cold. If it is too cold or too hot, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable, so it will not take a good bath. So when you put bath water for your baby, new mothers should first use their elbows to test the temperature of the water, and only when they feel the right time can they bathe their baby. In addition, it is also very important to control the indoor temperature when the baby takes a bath, so before taking a bath for the baby, it is still necessary for new mothers to check whether there is a draught or whether the windows are closed.

● comfort and touch the baby

For babies, they are used to being wrapped. Once their clothes are taken off, they will feel insecure, scared and crying. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that new mothers can hold the baby for a while while while undressing the baby, touch her gently, coax him gently, and then put the baby in the water, so that the baby can adapt slowly.

However, some babies cry when they take a bath because they are afraid of water. Therefore, for the baby who is afraid of water, the new mother must not put the baby directly into the water. Instead, let your baby’s feet and hands play with water, then wet your baby’s back and chest with water, and then slowly put it into the water.

● create a warm environment

The babies are quite unfamiliar with this time, so they prefer to stay in the familiar environment, so they will have enough security. Therefore, do not easily change the bath basin when bathing the baby, even if it is to be changed, it is also necessary to change similar. In addition, we all know that music can soothe the brain and nerves of people, so when bathing your baby, you can try playing some soothing and soft music, which can effectively help your baby relax the tension brought by bathing.

I believe that many parents have encountered the problem of baby crying in the bath. They are reluctant to be put into the water or wash and cry. Then try these methods introduced by Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!