One third of people’s lives are spent sleeping. According to a survey, 74% of urban children have their own rooms. With the improvement of living conditions, more and more parents pay attention to children’s room decoration and environmental protection. So, how to decorate an environment-friendly and safe children’s room?

How to install a green children’s room

Environmental protection

1. The decoration of children’s room shall be scientific, environmental friendly and pollution-free. In particular, we should pay attention not to hit the floor, not to lay carpet, not to do ceiling, less use of colored paint and paint.

2. Attention shall be paid to the furniture selection of children’s room: select according to the national standard; at the same time, pay attention to the volume of furniture not exceeding 50% of the room; pay attention to the strict edge sealing and double-sided board for wood-based panel furniture; when children’s clothes are placed in the new furniture, they shall be closed packed.

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of children’s room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows with up rotation ventilation device should be installed, and rooms with poor ventilation should be installed with fresh air ventilation device. Every day should ensure that the morning and evening ventilation, each time should be more than half an hour.

4. Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children’s articles and clothes. Such as room curtains, new clothes, cloth furniture, cloth toys and so on.

5. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of indoor environmental pollution, and the newly decorated children’s room should be ventilated and purified. According to different seasons, it is generally required to ventilate for 15-30 days, test according to national standards, and move in after passing the test. We must listen to experts’ opinions and select qualified purification products to prevent secondary pollution.

6. Most of the children’s rooms adopt bright colors and lively styles, but the bright children’s furniture may have potential safety hazards.

II. High safety factor

1. Children’s room shall be decorated with glass carefully. Among the decoration and decoration materials of children’s room, the glass has the biggest potential safety hazard. Although the state stipulates that safety glass needs to pass 3C certification to be sold in the market, the glass sales in the market are mixed. Some fake and inferior glass only meet the tempering requirements in thickness, but the glass technology does not meet the requirements. According to reports, it is likely to burst if the toughened glass fails to pass the standard, while children are naturally active, and multiple collisions will increase the possibility of glass bursting, so glass should be used as little as possible or not in children’s rooms.

2. The floor is best made of wood, and the tiles are hard, cold and slippery, which is not good for children to play on the ground.

3. Set guardrails along the bed or windows to avoid edges and corners as much as possible, so as not to bump in the future. At present, there are special arc edge products on the market, which can be installed at edges and corners.

4. The furniture should avoid fragile materials such as glass products as far as possible. It is better to choose the wood furniture that is durable, strong in damage resistance and slightly small arc at the corner.

5. The power socket should ensure that children’s fingers can’t be inserted. It’s better to choose the socket with socket cover or install it behind the bedside table It’s better not to use the floor lamp, and the switch should be lower.

6. Children’s furniture should be structurally stable, and there should be no large area of glass or mirror on the furniture, otherwise it will easily hurt children once it is broken.

When designing the layout of the new house decoration, we must leave a space for the children’s room in the future. When decorating the children’s room, we should use lively colors and scientific and reasonable design, which can not only realize the basic life functions, but also bring children a sense of safety and full love, and promote their healthy and happy growth. If you want to know more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh!