As the saying goes, children are the heart and soul of every family. Children can grow up healthily and happily is the greatest wish for parents. Once there is something wrong with children, the whole family will fall into endless darkness. The pollution after decoration will also threaten the health of children. In particular, children are not fully developed and their immune system is more fragile than that of adults. Pollution, the impact on children will be more serious. So how to decorate the house to keep the baby away from pollution?

House decoration pollutes the baby

At present, the harm of harmful substances in the indoor environment caused by home and office decoration to women and infants mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Free formaldehyde in decoration materials causes menstrual disorder and abnormal menstruation of women. Experts found that free formaldehyde in various wood-based panels and furniture of decorative materials is not only a suspicious carcinogen, but also may cause menstrual disorder and abnormal menstruation of women. When the formaldehyde concentration in indoor air is 0.24-0.55 mg / m3, 40% of the age-appropriate women have irregular monthly menstruation; when the formaldehyde concentration in the air is 1.5-4.5 mg / m3, 47.5% of the age-appropriate women have monthly menstruation Dysmenorrhea and decreased menstruation.

2. Benzene pollution caused by paint, coating and adhesive is easy to cause fetal malformation and abortion. Medical research has proved that women are particularly sensitive to benzene inhalation, and long-term inhalation of benzene in pregnant women will lead to fetal malformation and abortion. On May 14, 2000, doctors of Chaoyang District Maternal and child health hospital in Beijing gave birth to a deformed baby girl for Li Rongju, a pregnant woman who came to work in Beijing.

3. Due to the radioactive pollution caused by building and decoration materials, it is easy to cause female infertility. Radioactive materials in the indoor environment will also have an impact on the reproductive capacity of newly married couples. Once there was a newly married couple who lived in Xueyuan Road, Beijing. They were infertile for a long time after marriage, and they couldn’t find out the cause. Later, with the help of the indoor environmental testing experts, they learned that the over standard granite paved on the floor of the new house was the main cause of infertility.

How can we avoid and reduce the harm of air pollution to women and babies?

According to American epidemiologist bayat Ritz, knowing that air pollution will have such terrible consequences for women and infants, people’s first response is to reduce the content of harmful substances in the air, and they must take action against the toxic substances in the air to obtain healthy air quality.

Remind pregnant women to pay more attention to indoor environmental pollution, regular prenatal examination and health care, can also prevent the birth of abnormal fetus.

For the prosperity of our country and the health of future generations, we must improve people’s awareness of indoor environment. The whole society pays attention to indoor environment. At the same time, the following suggestions are put forward for decorators:

1. Pay attention to the selection of office buildings and home decoration materials. As interior decoration materials are the main source of pollution, the state has promulgated the limit of harmful substances for ten kinds of interior decoration materials, so the selection of decoration materials should be strictly in accordance with the national standards.

2. When purchasing furniture, the newly purchased furniture must pay attention to the emission of formaldehyde and benzene. It is better to ventilate for a period of time and then use it again to release the harmful gas in the furniture as soon as possible. When using the wardrobe made of wood-based panel, pay attention to avoid putting underwear and pajamas in it.

3. Do a good job in ventilation and air circulation. According to the investigation data, the harmful substances in the air can stay for more than 30 hours in the airless room. If the window is often opened for ventilation, the dirty air can float away. In addition, the room is also provided with sufficient light and dry. It is difficult for a variety of virus and bacteria to grow and reproduce.

4. Pay attention to the pollution of the bridal chamber. October is coming, and it’s a good time for the couple to get married. A couple are busy decorating, buying furniture and decorating their wedding rooms. Indoor environment experts remind newlyweds to pay attention to: in the layout of beautiful, gorgeous and generous new houses, we should not ignore the hidden dangers to you and your next generation of health killers.

5. Pay attention to the detection and treatment of indoor environment. According to the national requirements, the newly-built and newly decorated houses must be checked in by the indoor environmental testing department after passing the indoor air quality test. The general public must select professional indoor environmental testing units for testing, and then select scientific treatment methods according to the opinions of the indoor environmental experts to achieve the purpose of purifying the indoor environment.

Therefore, the newly decorated house must be fully flavored before it can be moved in, and after it is moved in, it should also be ventilated frequently, and measures should be taken according to the situation. It’s better to ask professional personnel to check the indoor pollutant content before check-in to ensure safe check-in. If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!