Recently, the weather suddenly came to below zero, and it began to snow in many places. Some mothers began to worry. It’s so cold in winter. How can I bathe my baby? Don’t worry, help mom today to tell you how to give your baby a warm and comfortable hot bath in winter.

I. precautions for bathing newborn in winter

1. Bathing should not be too frequent

The normal frequency is twice a week. The baby’s skin is different from that of adults. Their skin is thinner and more delicate. Taking a bath every day can make the baby clean, but it may also cause dry skin, itching and other symptoms. Especially for children whose skin is dry, if they soak in water every day, they may dehydrate their skin, become drier, or even peel. At the same time, when bathing the baby, do not rub hard. The baby’s skin is delicate and the cuticle is very thin. Rubbing hard can easily cause skin injury.

2. Ensure the temperature of bathroom and room

Before taking a bath, you should adjust the temperature of the bathroom. You can turn on the bath master to adjust the temperature of the bathroom before you start to wash, or mothers can buy special bathrobes to bathe their babies. This can ensure that the baby will not be frozen in the bath process. If the temperature is too low, the evaporation of water on the baby will take away more heat from the body, which is easy to cause the baby cold. After the bath, immediately dry and hold to the air-conditioned room. If the baby still wants to go out, it must let the residual water on the baby completely dry. Cold outside, uneven heat and cold can easily lead to the baby’s discomfort and cold.

3. Pay attention to certain skills

(1) the water temperature is controlled at 37-40 ℃, which is the most comfortable water temperature for the baby.

(2) the time should not be too long and should be controlled within 10 minutes. If the bath time for children is too long, it will make the cuticle on the outside of the skin absorb water and become soft, reducing the resistance of the skin.

(3) use the bathtub and towel for babies.

(4) bath and shampoo should be separated. You can wash your baby’s hair first. You don’t need to take off the clothes on your body. After you wash your head and dry it, you can start bathing. This way, your baby won’t easily catch cold.

&It’s better not to use the bath heater when your baby takes a bath. Because Yuba’s strong light will hurt baby’s eyes. But if there is no other choice, moms should pay attention not to let the baby stare at Yuba. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net