For the bear children, the summer vacation solemn and stirring blockbuster “open school” is playing a trailer, announcing the end of the summer vacation. This is the last time that children want to face in a year. They can’t get back their playful mood and can’t concentrate on learning. How to let children say goodbye to his inseparable “partner” – TV?

Medical experts point out that children who watch and rely on TV for a long time are likely to suffer from “TV syndrome”, which will damage their physical and mental health. Therefore, parents should pay attention to it and guide their children to have a healthy holiday.

Psychological influence, even not love reading

Professor Gao Hongyun, director of Medical Psychology Department of pediatric hospital affiliated to Fudan University, told reporters that at the beginning of each school year, the hospital would encounter many anxious parents with their children to seek medical treatment. They found that children become more impulsive than they used to be, often lose their temper, and have difficulty concentrating in class.

When I asked, I found that most of these children’s holidays are accompanied by TV or computer. Professor Gao Hongyun said that this was actually a child’s “suffocation” at home.

Watching TV properly is undoubtedly a way for children to learn knowledge and obtain information, but excessive watching TV or even indulging in it will have a negative impact on children’s spirit. The influence of TV syndrome on children’s psychology is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the sound and picture effects of television stimulate children’s senses greatly, while books are relatively single compared with them. Therefore, the children are used to the stimulation of TV during the holidays, and they are easily restless when they start school, which means they can’t read books and keep their attention.

Second, for children, images are easier to understand than words, and they don’t need to think. The children who love watching TV will form the inertia of thinking, which is not conducive to the cultivation and improvement of their thinking ability. Children who rely heavily on TV will have a decline in their language ability, abstract thinking ability, especially the ability to master the mathematical symbol system.

Third, children who rely on TV for a long time will become withdrawn and unwilling to communicate with others due to the lack of certain interpersonal communication. Some children suffering from “TV syndrome” will show indifference to things around them, and they are very disgusted with other people’s interference with their TV watching, so they are easily upset. However, their behavior is highly imitative, and they often imitate the language, tone and action of the characters in TV. Some children will even recite the advertising words thoroughly, but they often apply them to their daily life, even to the abnormal state of self-talk.

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