With the continuous activity of cold air, the temperature is lower day by day, and it’s time to get up and rely on courage. However, bathing the baby at this time has become a challenge for young mothers and fathers. The weather in winter is not only painful for adults, but also difficult for babies to adapt to. So how to let the baby not be afraid to bathe in the cold winter?

Five steps to bathe a new baby

1. Take a bath every day after birth, one hour before or after feeding in the morning. In summer, 1-2 times a day; in spring, autumn and winter, 1 time a day or 1-2 times a week or often wipe the skin wrinkles such as neck, armpit and buttock.

2. Prepare bathtub, penholder, bath towel, small towel, talcum powder, baby bath liquid and lotion, etc.

3. The room temperature is 26-28 ℃, the water temperature is 38-40 ℃, and the temperature is tested with the back of hand or elbow.

4. During the washing, prevent falling; the scaly plaque on the head shall not be removed by force, and the ears, eyes, nose and mouth shall not enter into the water; during the washing, hold firmly and do not fall into the water to prevent water choking and illness.

5. It is not suitable to take a bath when suffering from pneumonia, respiratory heart failure, skin damage and other serious diseases.

As the umbilical cord of the newborn has not fallen off, it can not be washed in water to avoid infection of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord falls off and is washed sitting on a penholder. First, wash the upper body and wrap the lower body, clamp the small buttocks with the left elbow and waist, hold the back and head with the left arm, block the ears with the thumb and middle finger respectively, and then gently wipe with a small towel.

Order: upper body face eye ear lower neck front chest back arm and hand. Lower body (upper body wrapped, head resting on left elbow socket, left hand holding left thigh) hip leg foot.

After washing – drying – talcum powder – Skin Lotion – navel (drying, disinfection, deiodination) – dressing – diaper pad – end.

Baby’s resistance is not as good as adult’s, so baby’s bath products should choose baby’s special products, and avoid mixing with adult to prevent cross infection. If you are interested in children’s common sense of health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!