When the newborn was born, the whole family was very excited, and the long-awaited little life finally came to this world. However, it is necessary to take good care of the baby. So how to make baby room more warm and safe? Mom needs to understand!

Safety points of bedroom decoration

Try not to choose a room with floor glass windows or large windows as the baby’s bedroom.

Install safety barriers outside windows and balconies. The guardrail should be high enough to prevent the baby from climbing to the top, and the gap should not be too large to prevent the baby from drilling out.

The layout of wires is better to be concealed and short, and the socket with socket cover shall be selected.

It is better not to use large area of glass and mirrors indoors.

The shelf on the wall must be fixed well and kept out of the reach of the baby.

The furniture should be placed stably, and the distance between the furniture and the wall should not be too large, so as to avoid the baby getting into the gap.

Safety points of bedroom layout

It’s better not to put computers, TVs, refrigerators and other appliances in the baby’s room. If the computer has to be put in the bedroom, it’s better not to leave it on for a long time.

Do not put stools, chairs, tables and other climbing objects near the windows.

Furniture corners and handles should be free of edges and sharp edges, or wrapped with plastic safety corners.

Do not leave any stumbling things on the ground.

Baby bed should not be too soft, too soft mattress is easy to make baby suffocate in prone position.

Baby’s bed can not be placed or tied with straps, ropes and other items.

The crib shall not be too high to prevent the baby from falling from a high place; the gap of the fence on the bed shall not be too wide to avoid being stuck by the fence.

The bigger baby likes to jump on the big bed, so the big bed in the bedroom can’t be too high.

Don’t let your baby touch things that are easy to be broken, especially dangerous goods such as hot water bottles.

The camphor pill stored in the wardrobe should be placed at a high place to prevent the baby from eating it by mistake.

Don’t plant poisonous and thorny plants at home.

When there are mosquitoes in summer, use mosquito killing lamp or hang mosquito net. It is better not to use mosquito repellent incense or aerosol.

When the baby room is arranged, there are many requirements. After all, the newborn baby is fragile. Therefore, there are many details about the building of the baby room that must be paid attention to. Hope parents can summarize more! If you are good at children’s protective fence, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!