Don’t look down on the problem of newborn bathing. Many new parents find it rather difficult. Bathing a newborn baby is different from adults. Delicate newborn babies need more comprehensive care, so some preparations are needed before bathing.

What are the preparations before bathing your baby?

Room temperature: the best room temperature is 22 ~ 25 ℃. When taking a bath for your baby, both in the bathroom and in the room, you should close the doors and windows to prevent your baby from catching cold. If there is no water heating in winter, turn on the air conditioner or electric heating to increase the indoor temperature.

Water temperature: keep at 38 ~ 41 ℃. Before putting him in the water, try the water temperature with your elbow, because our elbow skin is the most sensitive. And prepare some hot water nearby, so as to add water continuously to prevent the water temperature from being too low.

Supplies: washes the face small towel, the big bath towel, the cotton stick, the baby oil, the diaper and the underwear.

Bathing: it is better for the newborn to bathe with clear water, without frequent use of bath solution, that is, the use is also special for the baby.

People: it’s better to have two adults, mom to wash, dad to fight, to seize the time to prevent the baby from catching cold.

Time: the bath is generally selected within 1 hour before feeding, which can prevent the non cooperation caused by overflow and hunger.

How should items be placed?

When taking a bath for a newborn, it is more convenient to use the right baby bathtub and the place where the bathtub is placed. Moreover, it makes the operator comfortable, labor-saving and avoids backache. Put your baby’s bath on the workbench at a moderate height, or put it on the floor with a towel under it and kneel next to it. If you buy a special bath stand, you can make sure that the height of the bath is exactly what you need.

Before bathing, you should first prepare the clothes that your baby needs to change, and try to cover all kinds of clothes according to the inside and outside order, so as to avoid busy hands and feet when your baby is dressing.

The above is the knowledge about how to prepare baby’s bath. Don’t wait until the baby has finished washing to find out in a hurry. The longer the time is delayed after bathing, the easier it is to catch cold. If you want to learn more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!