Electricity is often compared to “electric tiger”, which is a very powerful and terrible role in children’s serious tiger. However, due to the lack of safety awareness of young children, children’s electric shock is still a frequent occurrence of accidental injuries. So in summer, how to prevent children from being hurt by “electric tiger”?

It is not easy to use too many electrical appliances in children’s room, so floor appliances should be avoided to prevent children from electric shock after tripping. Wire, scissors and other conductive articles should not be placed in the place where children can easily get them, and towels and clothes should not be put on the wires. When purchasing power socket and terminal block, try to select multiple switches with multiple safety devices. Regardless of any design of power plug, socket, charger, etc., they shall be placed in a place beyond the touch and reach of children, and the wires of electric lamps or other household appliances shall be repaired or replaced in time if they are damp or damaged; in order to ensure safety, the power plug shall be fixed with insulating tape, etc., and children shall not be allowed to be present during the adjustment and maintenance of electrical appliances to avoid imitation. If the child accidentally gets electric shock, turn off the power or turn off the switch immediately. If it is not possible to turn off the power, non-conductive things such as sticks and crutches can be used to separate the children who are shocked from the power supply. Do not pull the children who are not disconnected from the power supply by hand.

Rescue of electric shock:

1. First, cut off the power supply, turn off the switch or use non-conductive materials such as dry sticks, bamboo poles and dry cloth to pick up the wires and electrical appliances, or use a wooden handle (dry) axe to cut off the wires. Never use hands or wet objects to push and pull the children directly.

2. Mouth to mouth artificial respiration and heart massage shall be carried out immediately for those who stop breathing and heartbeat; acupuncture at the points of Zhongren, Yongquan and Neiguan should not be given up.

3. After recovering the heartbeat and breathing, send to the hospital for further treatment, pay attention to observation at any time on the way, and protect the wound of the electric shock site.

Electric shock prevention:

1. Do not use unfamiliar electrical appliances.

2. Do not use wet hands to turn on, turn off or touch other electrical switches.

3. Do not touch or poke the power socket with fingers, knives, pens, etc.

4. Do not climb the pole or fly kites where there are wires.

Summer vacation is a high incidence period of children’s electric shock. Parents should learn more about these children’s anti electric shock knowledge, and you should educate them more to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents. The common sense of children’s home electric shock prevention is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website!