In autumn, children are prone to fire, which brings a great threat to children’s health. Scientific diet can effectively avoid the occurrence of fire and play a role in reducing the fire. Let’s take a look at how to recuperate children who are on fire in autumn?

Tremella porridge

Materials: Tremella 30g, japonica rice, sugar each right amount.

Methods: 1. Soak the tremella in warm water, remove impurities and wash it, tear it into small pieces; clean the japonica rice and drain the water for use. 2. Put the tremella and japonica rice into the casserole together, add some water, and boil them over high heat for about 30 minutes. 3. Add in the crystal sugar and cook for a while.

Nutritional value: Tremella is non-toxic and contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It has the effects of Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, nourishing stomach, promoting body fluid, supplementing qi, nourishing brain and strengthening heart, especially suitable for babies in autumn.

Three fragrant silk

Ingredients: 100g lettuce, 1 potato, 1 carrot, stock, vegetable oil, salt, bittern, sugar, water lake powder, sesame oil.

Methods: 1. Wash lettuce, potatoes and carrots, peel them and cut them into even filaments. 2. Heat the oil in the wok, add three shreds of stir fry, add a little soup, salt, bittern and sugar, thicken with starch after boiling, pour a little sesame oil.

Nutritional value: this dish is rich in protein, vitamin, zinc and carotene, which can improve the baby’s immunity. The taste is delicious and unique. In addition, the baby often eats lettuce, which is also good for tooth growth and tooth replacement.

Tofu soup with fish paste

Method: wash the fish, add salt and ginger, steam it in a steamer, then remove the bones and mash it into fish paste. Boil the water and add a small amount of salt. Put in the tender tofu cut into small pieces. After boiling, add in the fish paste. Then add a small amount of starch, sesame oil and onion to make a paste. Fish has high water content, short muscle fiber, easy to digest and absorb.

Nutritional value: fish and tofu are high protein foods, which help to strengthen children’s resistance and promote children’s growth and development in autumn.

The common sense about how to recuperate children getting angry in autumn compiled by Baibai safety net has been understood. In addition, the net has a lot of knowledge about children’s disease prevention. If you are interested, you can continue to pay attention to it, so that children can grow up healthily.