TV is becoming more and more popular among children, and also a stumbling block for children to learn. How to keep children away from TV? How to reduce the harm of TV to children, these tips may help you!

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Once a baby develops the habit of relying on TV, its harm is well known. The stimulation of color and image transformation for a long time will definitely cause damage to the baby’s vision. Not only the eyesight is affected, but also the children who often watch TV are not active, lack of contact with people, and affect the normal outdoor activities. Their initiative activity becomes poor, and even can’t communicate with parents and teachers normally.

My advice to parents is to participate more and accompany more. It’s better to watch TV with your children than pull them away from the TV. It requires parents to sacrifice their time and interest in watching TV. Parents lead by example and watch less TV. Before you watch TV with your child, talk about the rules for watching TV. For example, the time of watching TV does not exceed one hour every day, and the younger the children are, the shorter the time is; every day, choose a fixed time period to accompany the children to watch TV, such as agreeing with the children, watching TV half an hour before dinner every day; secondly, parents should be the gatekeeper of the children, choose the content of watching TV for the children, keep the children away from violent and bloody TV pictures, and children in early school Like to watch easy to understand cartoons, such as “Teletubbies”, parents communicate with children while watching, so that children learn knowledge in the process of watching TV. In addition, parents try to replace watching TV with colorful and meaningful activities. Outdoor weather is good, let the baby go to outdoor activities, do parent-child exchanges with the baby, and create more opportunities for the baby to play with other partners. In a word, parents have a plan at least once a week to bring their children to nature for fresh air.

Conclusion: children desire to have a real emotional connection with their parents. When they have this emotional connection, when they get a sense of security and belonging, the possibility of seeking stimulation and company from other ways will be greatly reduced. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!